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Victoria’s Secret exec says trans models aren’t hired ‘because the show is a fantasy’ (updated)
'Shouldn’t you have transsexuals in the show? No. No, I don’t think we should.'
Trans people celebrate Massachusetts’ history-making law keeping protections
68 percent of Massachusetts voters stood with transgender people on Tuesday.
What it’s like when your state is fighting over your trans kid’s right to exist
A Massachusettes ballot measure could put trans children in danger.
Spotify pulls ads for anti-trans campaign in Massachusetts after outcry
Users were dumping the service over the ad.
1,600 scientists sign open letter against defining gender as a binary
The signees include nine Nobel laureates.
Suicide hotline calls quadruple after Trump revealed anti-trans policy
The pain of having the validity of your existence attacked cannot be understated.
Gaming distributor GOG is under fire again over transphobic joke
The latest one follows Trump's anti-trans proposal.
I am proof that anti-trans messaging can have real, disturbing consequences
Even if Trump's proposals don't happen, the damage has already been done.
Trans people, don’t forget to take care of yourselves right now
It's OK to unplug from the news cycle and practice self-care.
Trans/Sex: Hookup apps are exhausting, especially if you’re a queer trans woman
Dick pics are only the beginning of my problems.
Gender reveal parties are causing more devastation than trans people in bathrooms
The lengths people will go to care about gender can be quite dangerous.
School officials reportedly left trans student alone during an active shooter drill
How would this play out in a real active shooter situation?
What is transphobia, and how does it affect trans people?
It's much more common than you think.
Beware of the dangerous transphobia behind this YouTuber’s ‘theybies’ rant
This screed is much darker than 'liberals have gone too far.'
U.S. Border Patrol agent accused of grisly serial murder spree
The spree left four women, including a transgender woman, dead.
Anti-trans group is pushing for schools to out children to their parents
Experts say the group is making schools less safe for transgender children.
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