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Meet Ashley Smith, the trans activist who went viral for her selfie with the Texas governor
When it comes to trans visibility, she says she's only getting started.
Salvation Army substance abuse centers caught discriminating against trans people
One substance abuse center outright refused to take trans patients.
Breaking down the difference between gender identity and sex
It's much easier to parse than you think.
Caitlyn Jenner wants to become the U.S. Senate’s first transgender woman
And she may become the first openly transgender Republican nominee for the Senate, too.
Frances Cannon’s gorgeous, inclusive Instagram will cure your beach body blues
Her illustrations are a gentle 'reminder that you're entitled to take up space.'
LCD Soundsystem’s Gavin Russom is transgender
'I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.'
Historic comics anthology will be written completely by trans writers and artists
There's a long legacy of trans women working in comics.
Transgender parent pushes for gender-neutral ID marker for their baby
The 8-month-old has a genderless health card—but can't get issued a birth certificate.
This transgender doll is making huge strides in teaching children about gender roles
Say hello to Sam, 'world's first educational transgender toy.'
Transgender people barred from military recruitment for 6 more months
Transgender recruits have already waited a year.
Texas leads the U.S. in anti-LGBTQ bills—and a big one is on the way
The state legislature is reconvening to pass a controversial anti-trans bathroom measure.
Nonbinary and trans residents can now apply for a gender-neutral license in Washington, D.C.
It's the first region in the nation to implement this policy.
Former Paul Ryan opponent reveals she is now Rebecca Solen, a transgender woman
She is ditching congressional aspirations for trans activism.
8 out and open transgender celebrities you should know about
Transgender celebrities are out there, and they want more representation in mass media.
Transgender people may not be able to enlist in the military for another 6 months
It's been a year since the Pentagon announced it would lift its ban on transgender servicemembers.
Transgender actors call out Hollywood’s transphobia in new video
If 84 percent of Americans learn about trans people through film and TV, then the industry needs to be more representative.