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Trans Day of Remembrance falls during a particularly depressing time of year
Unsupportive families add to trans people's poor quality of life—a sober reminder before the holidays.
Trans man’s ‘takeover’ shows few knew this dating app wasn’t just for lesbians
A new promotion has caused some controvery—and maybe some clarification—about the app Her.
Pentagon approves first gender-confirmation surgery for transgender service member
This comes weeks after Trump's trans military ban was blocked.
Here are 5 transgender politicians who paved the way for Danica Roem
Not all of these trailblazers felt safe and comfortable to be out and proud.
Germany must add third gender option, court rules
The alternative is to get rid of gender altogether on public documents.
Dad’s Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume goes viral for all the wrong reasons
Let us count the ways this is a transphobic mess.
Federal judge blocks Trump’s trans military ban
However, the ruling is not all good news for LGBTQ advocates.
Students call for professor’s firing after he hosts ‘female or shemale’ quiz during class
He also allegedly cautioned students not to take 'the wrong one' home from the bar.
California is the first state to legally acknowledge nonbinary residents
Because not all people are either 'male' or 'female.'
Trans filmmaker alleges her work was stolen for Netflix’s latest documentary
The allegations shine a light on cis white men taking credit for work by trans women of color.
Virginia candidate fires back against transphobic opponent with powerful ad
Danica Roem has been repeatedly been misgendered and attacked by her opponent.
Trump judicial nominee thinks trans children are part of ‘Satan’s plan’
Jeff Mateer is also a fan of 'conversion therapy.'
Science fiction gets real in this brazen trans literature collection
Move aside, coming out stories. 'Meanwhile, Elsewhere' lays bare trans fantasies and dystopian fears.
Videos show police officer fatally shooting transgender Georgia Tech student
Scout Schultz was slowly walking toward police they were shot.
Harvard yanks offer to Chelsea Manning after CIA pressure
The director of the CIA called Manning an 'American traitor.'