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Federal court sides with transgender student Gavin Grimm
After a lengthy legal battle, Grimm celebrates a crucial victory.
Gay man says Pope Francis told him that God ‘made you this way’ and ‘loves you this way’
When it comes to the LGBTQ community, the pope still has a lot of work to do.
GOP candidate livestreams herself harassing a trans woman in a Denny’s bathroom
She was allegedly 'following' the trans woman around Los Angeles.
Trump administration rescinds rules protecting transgender prisoners from abuse
Inmates will be housed 'according to biological sex.'
Caitlyn Jenner to address Parliament about ‘diversity’—and the internet is perplexed over this choice
Why is Trump-supporting Jenner talking about diversity issues in the U.K?
Trans healthcare is awful—and Trump could make it even worse
The Trump administration is about to make it OK for doctors to discriminate against trans people.
This ‘premier’ transgender dating app is loathed by actual trans people [updated]
For starters, it refers to trans women by a derogatory term.
Transgender New York City inmates to be housed based on gender identity
The policy must be implemented by October.
Voters in Anchorage reject anti-transgender bathroom bill
It's a victory for transgender Alaskans.
There’s nothing feminist about attacking trans women
A recent 'Guardian' column tries to make trans rights a matter of misogyny—and this kind of manipulation needs to stop.
How to celebrate Trans Day of Visibility
Here's how to show support where you live today.
Ben Carson’s makes transphobic comments amid a trans homelessness epidemic
The HUD secretary seems to be asking for another lawsuit.
Period company features trans man in new ad
Because men menstruate too.
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