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Transgender actors call out Hollywood’s transphobia in new video
If 84 percent of Americans learn about trans people through film and TV, then the industry needs to be more representative.
The internet is over Caitlyn Jenner for joking about the Alexandria shooting
Both the right and the left can agree her punchline was tasteless.
Canada just took a huge step forward for trans rights—leaving the U.S. further behind than ever
C-16 provides sweeping protections to trans Canadians, but similar legislation is still missing in the United States.
University of Kansas is getting a trans-inclusive dorm
Trans students can live together with allies or other trans classmates.
Transgender activists are furious that Matt Bomer is a trans woman in ‘Anything’
This isn't the first time that trans women have called out the film, either.
Democrat may become first openly transgender woman to serve as a state legislator
And her Republican opponent purposefully misgendered her.
Army to undergo mandatory transgender sensitivity training
But it may be two more years until transgender troops can officially serve.
How big is the transgender population, really?
As trans rights become a battleground issue, studies reveal that the trans population is small—but growing.
Former all-star Lance Berkman to bring anti-trans views to Cardinals’ ‘Christian Night’
Berkman also thinks transgender women are "troubled men."
Texas poised to lose NFL Draft, Super Bowls if anti-trans bathroom bill becomes law
The NFL has threatened to pull out Super Bowls in the past, too.
This sex ed series tackles LGBTQ issues in an honest, groundbreaking way
AMAZE talks about everything, from gender transitioning to depression.
Chelsea Manning says she’s ‘accepted responsibility’ for government leaks
'That’s all I asked for, was a chance, that’s it.'
Methodist Church ordains its first non-binary deacon
They wondered, ‘Is somebody going to run into the room and find a way to put a stop to it?'.
What it means to be transgender: A guide to a modern civil rights issue
From understanding the gender binary to being a good ally, we've got you covered.
Federal court just delivered a major win for transgender rights
A trans boy in Wisconsin can finally use the boy's bathroom at his school.
LGBTQ kids are missing out on sex education—and it’s up to schools to change that
Former students share how lacking education promotes bullying, shame, and severe health risks.