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A guide to understanding cisgender privilege
Everything you ever wanted to ask about the cis identity.
Rose McGowan, Andi Dier, and believing survivors even when it’s inconvenient
Believing survivors and asserting trans women are women are not mutually exclusive ideas.
Walgreens adapts transgender-inclusive bathroom policy
This was after a cis woman was denied using the ladies' room because she 'looked like a man.'
Rose McGowan’s transphobic rant flies in the face of #MeToo’s values
The kerfuffle has left many wondering: Does the movement support trans people?
The whitewashing and erasure of nonbinary people
People of color are often left out of very Western-centric narratives about gender.
Indonesian police arrest 12 trans women, shave their heads, force them into ‘conversion therapy’
'Now they are all acting like real men,' the local police chief reportedly said.
Yance Ford becomes the first trans director nominated for an Oscar
He joins a growing list of transgender nominees, too.
Laverne Cox makes history as ‘Cosmopolitan’s’ first out trans cover model
'Trans women deserve to be loved out in the open and in the light.'
Women’s March activists consider passing on ‘p**syhats’
The hats are transphobic and racist, some argue.
I’m a lesbian and a transgender woman—and those two aren’t mutually exclusive
If trans women are women, then gay trans women are lesbians. Period.
Miss Trans America pageant creator murdered
Her husband confessed to killing her during an argument.
Meet Lily Madigan, the transgender U.K. politician taking a stand against online harassment
The 19-year-old wants to run for Parliament some day—despite those standing in her way.
11 trans-inclusive documentaries you can stream right now
Don't miss these vital human stories.
Ending violence against trans people starts with respecting them in everyday life
There's a direct link between trans hate crimes and everyday microaggressions.
For trans women, this vibrator may just be the best on the market
Unlike competitors, Le Wand is made for her pleasure.
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