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This bus claims trans people do not exist—and it could be coming soon to your city
'It's Biology: Boys are boys... and always will be.'
Teen boy claims changing in locker room with transgender boy is ‘sexual harassment,’ sues school district
LGBTQ activists are concerned this could set a dangerous precedent.
Man charged with hate crime for assaulting 2 transgender women in New York
The attacker yelled slurs, pushed one woman to the ground, and hit the other with a cane.
Trans model joins employees in condemning Thinx’s insensitive working conditions
The period panty brand isn't so feminist or inclusive after all, according to reports.
What even liberals get wrong about trans people
It's time we look at science.
This transgender comic book author is finally ready to publish as a woman
"The longing" was more than just a comic book theme.
Ex-North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory says he can’t find work because people think he’s a bigot
'I'm a libertarian on many of these issues,' McCrory said, after insisting gender is assigned at birth.
Police arrest 4 men, 4 teenage boys in Brazilian trans woman’s murder
Thanks to the internet, all 8 criminals will face justice.
Tinder founder says the app has made 250,000 matches for transgender people
The app is making gains for the transgender community.
Trans woman’s videotaped murder in Brazil sparks international outcry
The images are show a harsh reality for the trans community.
Supreme Court sends trans bathroom case back to lower court
Trump’s rollback against trans protections was key in SCOTUS's decision.
Saudi police torture and kill 2 transgender Pakistanis
LGBTQ activists around the world want answers.
Trans students’ preferred pronouns must be honored in NYC schools
Kids won't need consent from their parents to socially transition, either.
Breitbart falsely claims Target’s stock plummeted over its trans bathroom policy
Digital retailers caused the drop, not boycotts.
A third slain trans woman has been identified in Louisiana
Jaquarrius Holland was also misgendered by the press.
Catholic group’s transphobic bus campaign is banned in Madrid
An ad touting, 'if you are born a man, you are a man,’ will not be rolling through the city.
Second transgender woman killed in New Orleans in two days
Ciara McElveen is the sixth trans woman murdered this year.