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The first professional U.S. transgender boxer just won his first fight
Patricio Manuel made history on Saturday.
Virginia teacher fired for refusing to use trans student’s preferred pronouns
Peter Vlaming was suspended from West Point High School for refusing to address a trans boy as "he."
Trans YouTuber proves Victoria’s Secret is wrong about who can sell its ‘fantasy’
‘Live your fantasy and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,' she said to her fans.
Transgender man meets first trans person—and it’s Laverne Cox
Cox gave him advice and money to help him in his transition.
Trans student films being harassed while in school bathroom stall (updated)
A woman broke into the stall, leaving the door open.
Twitter officially bans misgendering, deadnaming trans people
Social media platform updates its 'hateful conduct policy.'
Autopsy reveals trans woman was beaten while in ICE custody prior to death
Her death could have been prevented, her family's lawyers are saying.
Twitter is falling in love with this anime’s zombie trans girl
Meet Lily Hoshikawa, trans Twitter's latest role model.
Trans/Sex: How estrogen changed my sex life
When I started HRT, I had to become my own sex ed teacher.
7 ways to embrace self-love on a very somber Trans Day of Remembrance
On one of the most difficult days of the year, don’t forget to look out for yourself.
Victoria’s Secret exec says trans models aren’t hired ‘because the show is a fantasy’ (updated)
'Shouldn’t you have transsexuals in the show? No. No, I don’t think we should.'
Trans people celebrate Massachusetts’ history-making law keeping protections
68 percent of Massachusetts voters stood with transgender people on Tuesday.
What it’s like when your state is fighting over your trans kid’s right to exist
A Massachusettes ballot measure could put trans children in danger.
Spotify pulls ads for anti-trans campaign in Massachusetts after outcry
Users were dumping the service over the ad.
1,600 scientists sign open letter against defining gender as a binary
The signees include nine Nobel laureates.
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