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Trans/Sex: Andrea Long Chu’s ‘Females’ signs up for cisnormativity
At least she isn't calling her vagina a wound anymore.
Trump scraps healthcare protections for LGBTQ patients
It's a strike against the trans community.
Why a 7-year-old trans kid is causing hysteria among conservatives
A family fight in Texas is now the center of a national controversy.
Man allegedly targeted trans women on dating app, robbed them at knifepoint
One of the victims was reportedly left with non-life threatening stab wounds.
Prison guards reportedly mocked trans inmates in private Facebook groups
Some shared medical information of inmates under their care.
YouTuber Trisha Paytas faces backlash after claiming to be a trans man
'I like guys, but I also identify as a guy.'
Someone redirected this anti-trans website to a pro-trans charity
Trans rights supporters are celebrating the troll.
Indie game ‘Heartbeat’ accused of mocking trans suicide
Ex-fans and former friends say the game's lead developer has a history of transphobia.
Meet Cute Little F*ckers, the trans-inclusive sex toys pushing Kickstarter’s boundaries
They're inclusive for all bodies, including trans people and intersex users.
Report: Ben Carson made transphobic comments at HUD meeting
Carson's transphobic comments drew swift condemnation.
Final chapter of indie hit Celeste signals toward a possibly transgender protagonist
The developers have yet to confirm the online fan speculation.
LGBTQIA activist Jessica Yaniv caught in chat calling Sikh man ‘Turban F*cker’
Yaniv says she was joking and that an imposter in the group chat leaked the messages.
Women accuse ‘Empire’ star of sexual abuse of trans teen girls
Accusations surfaced against Malik Yoba after he said he is 'trans attracted.'
‘The Minecraft Bee is trans’ meme is here to stay
A tweet launched a meme about the Minecraft bee, and there's no turning back now.
Video shows bar employees dragging transgender women to street
'We didn't want no confrontation but they were being very violent.'
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