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Ben Carson’s makes transphobic comments amid a trans homelessness epidemic
The HUD secretary seems to be asking for another lawsuit.
Period company features trans man in new ad
Because men menstruate too.
Anti-trans ballot measures are eroding trans people’s mental health
Discrimination has been linked to suicidality, substance abuse, and psychiatric disorders.
RuPaul apparently doesn’t know what the trans flag looks like
This is probably not the best way to apologize to the trans community.
Oscar-winning ‘A Fantastic Woman’ is just the beginning for mainstream transgender stories
Trans stories are building momentum, one character at a time.
Everything you need to know about the transgender military ban
The ban may be blocked, but the fight lingers on.
Transgender wrestler Mack Beggs wins Texas state title, gets booed by the crowd
He finished his high school career undefeated.
A guide to understanding cisgender privilege
Everything you ever wanted to ask about the cis identity.
Rose McGowan, Andi Dier, and believing survivors even when it’s inconvenient
Believing survivors and asserting trans women are women are not mutually exclusive ideas.
Walgreens adapts transgender-inclusive bathroom policy
This was after a cis woman was denied using the ladies' room because she 'looked like a man.'
Rose McGowan’s transphobic rant flies in the face of #MeToo’s values
The kerfuffle has left many wondering: Does the movement support trans people?
The whitewashing and erasure of nonbinary people
People of color are often left out of very Western-centric narratives about gender.
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