Roger Stone barred from posting on all social media platforms
Stone just wouldn't stop posting about his ongoing criminal case.
Kylie Jenner opens up about her mental health in candid Instagram post
'Growing up in the light with a million eyes on you just isn’t normal.'
FBI plans to look at your social media even more than it already does
FBI wants access to user IDs, emails, IP addresses, telephone numbers, and geolocation information.
This toxic dump is the latest social media craze
People are flocking to the 'tropical paradise'–that's really a toxic dump–for the perfect selfie.
Trump declares a winner in social media summit fight
Gorka and a CNN reporter tussled at the White House.
Facebook to reveal more ad targeting data to users in new update
You'll be able to see more about why you're seeing certain ads.
25 Dallas officers under investigation for ‘racist, violent’ Facebook posts
Four of the officers are now on administrative leave.
Here’s why Reddit’s r/technology is down on the Fourth of July 
Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger wants you to boycott social media.
Trump claims Twitter is making it hard for people to follow him
The president failed to provide evidence but said Twitter's actions may be illegal.
Man allowed to sue media publishers over readers’ Facebook comments
A man detained as a teen says Facebook comments amounted to defamation.
Social media is helping raise awareness about massacres in Sudan
Sudan is in the middle of a revolution, and a social media campaign is playing a part.
Parler wants to be the ‘free speech’ alternative to Twitter
Parler may be the next Twitter, or the new Gab.
Visa applicants now have to hand over their social media information
A State Department official said this will strengthen the vetting process.
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