It looks like Twitter is killing off the ratio, its only good feature
The site is experimenting with new features that let users limit who can reply to their tweets.
Lesbian porn artist’s Twitter suspension raises new fears for NSFW creators
'Twitter really doesn't protect anyone in my field.'
Swipe This! My boyfriend’s mom is stalking me on social media
So how do you interact less? Simple. Interact less.
Social media companies continue to fail to police fake behavior, study finds
The study showed how it easy it was to get fake engagement.
TikTok admits to hiding content made by fat, LGBTQ, and disabled users
Content created by 'special users' was blocked from the 'for you' page.
Sex workers fear a Twitter ‘NSFW ban’ is coming in 2020 (updated)
It's unclear what Twitter has in mind.
People are cooking up memes amid Instagram, Facebook outages
Facebook confirmed its family of apps experienced outages Thursday morning.
Swipe This! How do I prepare for holiday FOMO?
There ain't no party like a FOMO pity party.
CupcakKe’s month-long ‘water fast’ has fans concerned
Jameela Jamil asked the rapper to take the social media post down.
How to go live on TikTok
Get ready to live stream.
What is ‘TikTok including’?
There's no escaping TikTok.
86% of young Americans want to become social media influencers
The digital profession is all the rage.
Congress calls on Twitter to fight disinformation during the 2020 Census
The lawmakers want answers from the social media company.
Graphic video of Texas A&M-Commerce party shooting posted on social media
Many are disturbed that someone posted footage of the victim's bodies on Snapchat and Twitter.
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