The best new movies at SXSW 2019
From coming-soon streaming gems to high-profile thrillers to documentaries galore, here are 15 new movies to watch.

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The power of parasocial relationships in the age of loneliness
How well do you really know your favorite online influencer?
Why teens are so worried about keeping Snapchat streaks
'We’re sprinkling behavioral cocaine all over these interfaces.'
Why everyone should be paying attention to Black Twitter
'People are threatened by this particular power that we have.'
The curious world of divorce TikTok
'Til death do us part' means something different on TikTok.
Instagram will start blurring posts that depict self-harm and suicide
Sensitive content will remain searchable.
Gab went invite-only after alleged bot attack
What's going on with Gab?
Google+ to start deleting account data on April 2
Users should begin downloading any content they wish to keep.
Controversial report claims half of Facebook users likely fake
The allegations are called into question given history of report's author.
What happened when I Marie Kondo’d my social media accounts
Does this Instagram post spark joy?
Social media influencer known for hiking in bikinis dead at 36
Gigi Wu was known as the 'Bikini Hiker.'
Trump posts altered pics on social media to make fingers look longer, report
Trump has been defensive about the size of his hands for decades.
Swipe This! Will I be happier if I quit social media?
How an endless stream of images made to hold our interest often leads to emptiness.
The Mexican president is becoming a YouTube star
Politicians and social media—a match made in heaven.
How Alex Jones is getting around his Facebook ban
NewsWars is just InfoWars by a different name.
Kim Kardashian called out for promoting suspect diet products on Instagram
Kim announced she 'just restarted' drinking Flat Tummy Co shakes.
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