man livestreaming with phone and ring light

How to request to join someone’s TikTok Live: A guide

Joining someone else's TikTok Live is only a few steps away.

On Mar 15, 2023 by Rachel Kiley

Young man playing video games on the computer in his bedroom and chatting online with other players

How to file your Twitch and YouTube taxes: a CPA’s guide for professional streamers

Are you a YouTube or Twitch streamer confused about filing taxes? Let our CPA clear some things up for you.

On Feb 22, 2023 by Tim Owens

Influencers in front of purple to blue gradient background Passionfruit Remix

Here are the exact email scripts three top influencers send to land big brand deals

Take a proactive approach to monetizing your platform by pitching yourself to brands.

On Feb 17, 2023 by Jen Glantz

woman vlogging in front of metal striped background

How to become a UGC content creator

You don't have to be an influencer to make money creating content online.

On Feb 13, 2023 by Rachel Kiley

CPA using calculator and laptop for do math

8 things most content creators miss on their taxes, according to a CPA

To help you prepare and to reduce your tax bill as much as possible, JustAnswer tax expert and CPA Moira Corcoran shared eight things most content creators miss on their taxes.

On Feb 7, 2023 by Jen Glantz

Twitch streamers Benjamin Lupo, Tom Cassell, and Richard Tyler Blevins in front of Twitch logo purple to pink gradient background Passionfruit Remix

10 of the richest Twitch streamers and what their success can teach us

How much money do streamers on Twitch really make?

On Feb 2, 2023 by Rachel Kiley

woman using calculator on desk with forms laptop and cash in front of blue background passionfruit remix

How to file taxes as a content creator

Here's how to get started with taxes as a content creator.

On Jan 25, 2023 by Rachel Kiley

TikTok on phone with money in front of pink background

How to make money on TikTok

You don't have to have a million followers to start earning on TikTok.

On Jan 11, 2023 by Rachel Kiley

influencer recording on phone holding makeup in front of pink to purple vertical gradient background Passionfruit Remix

How to negotiate brand deals as a micro-influencer in 2023

Here's everything content creators need to know to land new deals and find brands that work with micro-influencers.

On Jan 9, 2023 by Jen Glantz

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5 influencer marketing trends to jump on before they blow up in 2023

If you’re wondering what the next big influencer trends are in 2023, and how to get started using them before they blow up, here are the top ones to pay attention to as we head into a new year.

On Jan 3, 2023 by Jen Glantz

TikToker Khaby Lame at Formula 1 wearing a Ferrari cap alongside Dixie D'Amelio and Charlie D'Amelio wearing pink and purple tops

10 of the richest TikTokers and what their success can teach us

What does it take to become one of the top earning TikTokers?

On Dec 28, 2022 by Rachel Kiley

YouTube channel deleted image (frowning YouTube logo) on gray background

8 YouTube channels that were terminated or restricted—key takeaways for creators

Why do creators get kicked off of YouTube, and how can others avoid the same fate?

On Dec 26, 2022 by Rachel Kiley

Mr Beast in pile of cash blue to pink vertical gradient Passionfruit Remix

The top-earning creators on every platform—and what we can learn from them

Just how much do the top earners make, and what platforms do they use?

On Dec 16, 2022 by Rachel Kiley

Jake Paul, Markiplier, and Mr. Beast in front of green to blue gradient YouTube background Passionfruit Remix

10 of the top-earning YouTubers of all time—and what we can learn from them

Which YouTubers became the richest, and what can we learn from them?

On Dec 7, 2022 by Rachel Kiley

woman holding chips up to microphone in front of pink background ASMR

How to make tingly brain-massaging ASMR videos

There's never been a better time to get started making your own.

On Nov 28, 2022 by Rachel Kiley