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TikToker Eric Sedeño just wants to make people smile

The 27-year-old creator wants to be a ‘little bright spot’ on the internet.


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Eric Sedeño, known better on TikTok as RicoTaquito, is unapologetically himself.

Fans know the 27-year-old creator best for his skits about being a poorly-hidden LGTBQ+ teen. “Fighting for his life” against gay allegations, he has a brand of awkward, relatable cringe humor that you can’t help but love.

And then, of course, there’s the infamous RicoTaquito wig series, where he walks around with a f**kass bob. For no other reason besides it’s funny. 

These unique satirical videos, along with Sedeño’s general sunny demeanor, have garnered the New York-based creator a loyal fanbase of 1 million followers on his RicoTaquito TikTok account.

“Honestly, I was super pent up, and during COVID, I had no outlet for creativity and being silly with my friends like I used to be,” Eric Sedeño said in an interview with Passionfruit. “I’m a very hardcore extrovert. I didn’t expect anything to come from it.”

But what initially started as roughly 20 followers soon swelled into a media empire of 1 million RicoTaquito TikTok followers and a 2024 GLAAD Award-nominated podcast, “Gay & Afraid.”

“I had like 20 followers. And I was like, ‘Okay, these 20 people are gonna have the time of their lives!’” he said. “And that’s kind of what got me out of my shell.”

According to Sedeño, he’s always been a storyteller. He tells us he prides himself on being the “exact same person” IRL as you see on the internet.

“I just want to make people smile,” he adds. “And I wasn’t smart enough to become an orthodontist.” …

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