Cypress Hill(l), London Symphony(r), both from an episode of the Simpsons


Cypress Hill recreates ‘Simpsons’ joke, performs with London Symphony Orchestra

A 28-year old episode of the long-running series has entered our reality.


Mike Hadge

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There’s no shortage of “Simpsons predicted it” horse hockey floating around the internet, but every so often, the 35-seasons-and-counting juggernaut can seamlessly crossover into the real world. 

Cypress Hill in Season 7’s “Homerplooza” episode

California hip-hop legends Cypress Hill appeared, along with several other music artists, in The Simpsons season 7 almost-finale, “Homerpalooza.” The episode centers around Homer getting a job as a stunt freak on a music festival tour and features guest voices including Sonic Youth, Smashing Pumpkins, Peter Frampton, and of course, Cypress Hill.

Given the glut of guest stars to fit into that 22 minutes, each act basically got a single gag dedicated to themselves. For Cypress Hill, the bit involved the group ordering the London Symphony Orchestra for their concert performance “possibly while high.” After Sen Dog, B-Real and DJ Muggs huddle up, the group sheepishly decides that yes, they likey did indeed order them.

The two entities join forces to perform the most ornate version of “Insane in the Brain” that’s ever been done. Good times, good bit, Homer learns a lesson, cue Gracie Films logo. 

Cypress Hill to actually perform with a symphony

Well, here we are, 28 years later and that bit has become a reality, as on July 10th, Cypress Hill will be performing with the LSO at London’s Royal Albert Hall. The legendary venue’s official website even describes the event by referencing the joke! They all know what they’re doing.

Regardless, Cypress Hill’s performance is described as being “a special rendition” of their 1993 album, Black Sunday, “as well as other hits from their extensive back-catalog” complete orchestral accompaniment. Sounds like a good time, if I’m being honest here. 

During rehearsals, B-Real (Louis Mario Freese) told the BBC that “It’s been something that we’ve talked about for many years since The Simpsons episode first aired.” They even attempted to invite Peter Frampton, who in the context of the original episode had actually ordered the LSO. 

With real life reflecting art, it’s just a matter of time now before Sonic Youth raids Peter Frampton’s cooler. After all, he’s not gonna eat all that watermelon. 

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