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People are brainstorming some new, more adult emotions for ‘Inside Out 3’

The Pixar hit already has people spawning dark and hilarious sequel ideas.


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A lot of people saw Inside Out 2 this weekend. I mean, a lot of people saw Inside Out 2 this weekend—to the tune of earning $155 million in revenue in its first weekend. 

The sequel to Pixar’s Oscar-winning 2015 smash is being lauded as a return to form for the film feels-factory and rightfully so, it’s a fantastic mix of comedy and pathos that comments on the concept of anxiety better than any family film has a right to.


How Inside Out 3 is going to be

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For those unfamiliar, the whole concept of the Inside Out franchise involves characters representing each emotion operating inside a girl named Riley’s head. In the first film, we stuck to a main core cast of five emotions: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger. For the sequel, as Riley entered her teenage years, these were joined by Embarrassment, Envy, Ennui and most significantly, Anxiety. 

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Well, with the prospect of the franchise continuing now practically guaranteed, folks across the internet are envisioning what future films would look like, including what emotions may arise as Riley ages. Some of the results, as you might imagine, are brilliant. Others, as you ALSO might imagine, are dark as all HELL:

I mean, these are some solid ideas — get on it, Pixar!

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