M3GAN cinematic universe announced, internet reacts

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The ‘M3GAN’ cinematic universe expands, all rejoice

‘SOULM8TE’ will hit theaters in 2026.


Mike Hadge

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M3GAN—both the film and demonically robotic title character—conquered the world in early 2023. With a big box office return and an even bigger TikTok presence, M3GAN was always inevitably earmarked for a sequel. However, this week, we learned there’s more to it than that. 

Like the AI boom itself, M3GAN is taking over our world, as it was revealed this week that the film was spawning an entire cinematic universe. According to Deadline, Atomic Monster and Blumhouse are working on SOULM8TE, a new movie in the M3GAN universe, ‘with a new technological twist.’” The film has also been described “as a 1990s erotic thriller.”

The plot: “A man acquires an Artificially Intelligent android to cope with the loss of his recently deceased wife. In an attempt to create a truly sentient partner, he inadvertently turns a harmless lovebot into a deadly soulmate.” Kate Dolan (You Are Not My Mother) will direct and write the film, from a story by James Wan, Ingrid Bisu and Rafael Jordan. 

The news comes after it had already been announced that M3GAN 2.0, a direct sequel to M3GAN, will hit theaters on June 27, 2025. The M3GAV3RS3 is expanding, you all!

The people, obviously, have some thoughts, even about the spelling choices of the title. 

SOULM8TE hits theaters on January 2, 2026. Sounds like an early Valentine’s Day date night hit (with your robot bae)!

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