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Make your own ‘Rogue One’ fan film for a chance to attend a screening

The Lego edition’s ending is pretty satisfying…


Michelle Jaworski


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theaters this December, but that’s still plenty of time for fans to speculate about what might happen—with some of that even coming from Star Wars itself.

While we know the general premise—which, given the secrecy of The Force Awakens last year, is quite a bit—and the end result, which further plays out in A New Hope, how exactly Jyn Erso and a ragtag team of Rebels get from point A to point B is up in the air.

Over the past month, the official Star Wars YouTube channel has released a serialized stop-motion video series imagining the story of Rogue One by Tongal’s James DeJulio, writer Kevin Ulrich, and animators and directors Dan MacKenzie and Tucker Barrie. By using pieces of Rogue One merchandise that will be available to purchase on Rogue Friday, they tell a cohesive story (albeit one missing some of the upcoming film’s big players) full of slapstick familiar to Lego fans. How much of Rogue One is in the fan films? We’ll have to wait and see.

The first three chapters featured a variety of action figures and builds—a Stormtrooper even comments when Director Krennic morphs from a Funko doll to a different action figure—but the final chapter is pure Lego goodness. And while we’re pretty sure the live-action film won’t end the same way, this version is pretty satisfying.

With the completion of a fan film, Lucasfilm is now asking fans to “Go Rogue” and make their own Rogue One fan film for a chance to visit Lucasfilm in San Francisco and attend a Rogue One screening, which is almost certainly a better prize than a medal.

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