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Screengrab via StarCitizen/Youtube

Star Citizen teaser a crisp, state-of-the-art feast for the senses

But get your wallet out for a new gaming rig.


Dennis Scimeca


If you’re wondering where the $100 million in crowdfunding raised by Star Citizen is going, we have a video to show you.

Smooth transitions from the surface of a planet to the void of space is all the rage, thanks to No Man’s Sky setting the bar. Star Citizen, the upcoming space sim game that continues to push the boundary of video game crowdfunding, wants to make sure you know it’s capable of the same feat, via a new promotional video.

You begin with looking into a pilot’s eyeball. The camera then pulls back, in a single movement, until you’re in space looking at the dark side of the planet.

Making a Star Citizen video that’s been carefully planned and executed while running on state-of-the-art hardware is one thing. What matters is the experience players will have at home on their own PCs.

So what are the recommended specs for Star Citizen, in order for players to be able to replicate the kind of results we see in “From Pupil to Planet?”

“We don’t really have specs that we’ve publicized yet,” a representative of Cloud Imperium Games, the developer of Star Citizen, told the Daily Dot. “It will take a high-end machine for the best look of course… but since we’re in alpha… there’s still lots and lots of optimization still to go.”

No Man’s Sky can promise smooth planet-to-space transitions, and be able to run on a PlayStation 4 console, because the graphics are relatively simple and stylized. Star Citizen’s HD visuals are a completely different story.

A pre-built, high-end gaming rig with all the trimmings can run you as much as $2,200. Unless you’re willing to consider ponying up that sort of cash, if you want to play Star Citizen at its highest performance settings find someone willing to build a custom rig for you, and buy all the components yourself.

Screengrab via StarCitizen/YouTube

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