Netflix inks deal to keep ‘Doctor Who’ streaming

Binge-watching fans can relax—Doctor Who won’t be leaving Netflix as has been widely reported. The streaming service has clarified that a bevy of its British programming isn’t going anywhere, reports Variety, thanks to a renewed deal with the BBC.

Go ahead and plan on being able to burn through these series indefinitely. 

  • The Office seasons 1 and 2
  • Top Gear seasons 17 though 20
  • Torchwood seasons 1 through 4
  • Wallander seasons 1 through 3
  • Luther seasons 1 through 3
  • Monarch of the Glen seasons 1 through 6
  • North & South
  • Robin Hood seasons 1 through 3
  • The Buccaneers
  • Classic Doctor Who
  • Doctor Who seasons 1 through 7
  • Copper seasons 1 and 2
  • House of Cards trilogy
  • Keeping Up Appearances season 1

Photo via Rept0n1x/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0) | Screengrab via Omni Verse/YouTube | Remix by Rob Price

Ramon Ramirez

Ramon Ramirez

Ramon Ramirez is the news director, and formerly the Dot's entertainment editor and evening editor. His work has appeared in the Washington Post, Grantland, Washington City Paper, Austin American-Statesman, and Austin Monitor.