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Marvel reboots its universe with All New, All Different heroes

We’re keeping the new Captain America and Thor, and getting a new Spider-Man and Hulk as well!


Gavia Baker-Whitelaw


Marvel‘s post-Secret Wars lineup is here, introducing the new heroes who will headline the company’s titles.

The Secret Wars crossover event is kickstarting a partial reboot for Marvel Comics this summer, in which the company is abandoning the current timelines to make way for a fresh comic-book universe. While most characters will retain familiar backstories and continuity details, this revamp is being marketed as the “All-New, All-Different” Marvel to differentiate it from the previous universes.

Here’s Marvel’s official image showing some of the main heroes of the All-New universe. 

It’s no surprise to see characters like Iron Man, Spider-Man and Captain America front-and-center, but there are a couple of unexpected choices here as well. The Vision (Paul Bettany’s android character in Avengers: Age of Ultron) is historically a supporting player rather than a lead in his own right, while Red Wolf (the guy in the bottom right corner) is relatively obscure.

Red Wolf, who was first introduced in the 1970s, is a mantle that’s been taken up by four Native American superheroes so far—similar to how Sam Wilson inherited the Captain America title from Steve Rogers. Wilson is staying on as Captain America for this reboot, and Marvel is also sticking by its popular decision to introduce a new, female Thor.

“These changes were not short-term,” Axel Alonso told Mashable in an interview about the reboot. “We’re deeply invested in those characters.”

This promo image is full of characters who became popular in the last couple of years: Spider-Gwen, Miles Morales, Kamala Khan and the new Thor.

Notably absent are any characters from the X-Men or Fantastic Four, whose film franchises are not under Marvel Studios’ control—although obviously this picture and the accompanying interviews only mention a fraction of the 55 to 60 All-New comics launching after Secret Wars. For example, we already know that Wolverine is back and that we’re getting a new Hulk and a new Spider-Man.

While Secret Wars has not been easy to follow, the All-New lineup looks like it will be more accessible—which is obviously what Marvel is hoping. Movie fans will be there for characters like Agent Coulson, Black Panther, and the Vision, who are sharing a lineup with recent hits like Ms. Marvel, Spiderverse, and the Thor and Captain America relaunches.

A 64-page preview of all the All-New, All-Different universe will be published on July 1.

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