Here’s what a $10,000 Cinderella doll looks like

Someone’s fairy godmother really delivered when they managed to win this gorgeous Japanese Disney Cinderella doll at auction for $10,000.

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The high-priced princess is the result of a recurring collaboration between Disney and popular dollmaker Volks for Disney’s annual D23 expo, held in Tokyo last month. After being displayed during the convention, the ball-jointed doll just sold through Yahoo’s auction site for a price tag of ¥1.3 million, or about $10,500. 

The hefty pricetag makes the Cinderella “Super Dollfie” model—the only one of its kind—the second-highest seller in a Volks auction, behind this Jack Skellington doll that sold for over ¥2 million in 2013:

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The phrase “ball-jointed doll” refers to any posable doll with ball-jointed sockets, but in recent years the term has become shorthand for a specific type of beautifully detailed, eerily realistic doll style created by Japanese dollmakers. “BJDs” have spawned their own fandom around the globe, with Volks being among the largest names in the industry. 

Volks routinely sells its “Dollfie” BJDs and larger “Super Dollfie” models, along with customizable body parts that fans can paint themselves, for hundreds and even thousands of dollars. The Volks brand is so popular the company has a notice on its website explaining how to identify a legitimate Volks doll from the many imposters floating about on online auction sites like Ebay.

Given the popularity (and profitability) of Disney’s annual collaboration with Volks, the question on fans’ minds is obviously which character they’ll do next. But we’ll most likely have to wait til next year’s D23 to find out. 

In the meantime, you can enjoy a confection of gorgeous dolls like the ones below on Volks’ Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts:

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