diy arc reactor

Phot via iltl64/Reddit

Based on how it was built, we think Tony Stark would approve.

Iron Man‘s arc reactor is one of the most popular Marvel cosplay accessories, instantly transforming any outfit into a Tony Stark costume. But while you can buy a range of replica arc reactors online, the idea of building your own can seem a little intimidating.

Unless you’re this guy.

Redditor iltl64 posted photos of an impressive homemade arc reactor this weekend, built almost entirely from household garbage.

“I don’t have access to a 3D printer or really any special tooling,” he wrote on Imgur, before illustrating a DIY process that mostly revolved around cardboard, a tuna can, and an old Samsung phone battery.

The most technical aspect of iltl64’s build was soldering copper tape to build a rudimentary circuit board on the front of the arc reactor, connecting the ring of glowing blue LEDs.

The end result looks a little clunky, but if you wear it under a t-shirt, it’s perfect. And since the first arc reactor was thrown together from spare parts in a cave, we think Tony Stark would approve of this fan’s DIY spirit.

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