‘Harry Potter’ fan gives his lucky bride a real-life Pensieve

Ever feel like your brain is so full of miscellaneous junk that you’ve misplaced some of your best memories? 

Well, the Harry Potter universe has a magical solution for that—and now so does one lucky woman with the world’s best husband. A redditor who goes by the handle DuffManSzALotAThings shared photos this week of a homemade Pensieve he created for his wife, Janine, as a wedding present. 

In Harry Potter, a Pensieve is a large bowl filled with a shimmering liquid that’s used as a kind of reservoir for memories. Professor Dumbledore keeps one in his office, and it’s a critical source of information for Harry over the course of his adventures in the books and movies. 

For the purposes of this thoughtful wedding present, however, the groom created the pottery bowl (complete with the couple’s initials and the sign of the Deathly Hallows) and filled it with dozens of tiny bottles containing happy memories of his new wife. And, just like wizards use their wands to draw memories from the bowl, this Pensieve comes with a wand magnetized to pick up the tiny bottles one at a time. 

You can flip through photos of the whole project in the gallery below. 

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Perhaps the best part of this present is that the groom included extra bottles and paper so his wife can continue adding memories to the Pensieve as they spend their lives together.  

Kudos, DuffMan. You’ve made our hearts melt like a chocolate frog in July. You can see his how-to guide for making your own Pensieve here

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Sarah Weber

Sarah Weber

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