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Developers of Kim Jong-un video game say they won’t back down

These developers aren’t scared.


Imad Khan


Sony may have backed down from releasing The Interview, but Moneyhorse Games won’t stop developing their Kim Jong-un video game.

The studio that will be bringing us Glorious Leader has no plans to cancel it, regardless of the recent threats aimed at Sony that have been linked to the communist dictatorship. Developer Jeff Miller told the Associated Press that he’s more “motivated than ever to finish his game.” Miller added that he “wanted the game to be as topical as possible.”

The game was set to launch this year, but had to be pushed back. A Kickstarter has launched to help complete the game.

Unlike The Interview, in which James Franco and Seth Rogen have to assassinate Kim Jong-un, in Glorious Leader you play as the dictator himself. Based on the fanciful stories North Korean citizens are told about their leader, the game features Kim Jong-un riding unicorns and pushing back American capitalist scum.

Miller isn’t afraid of North Korean backlash, because he said his game makes Kim Jong-un “look totally awesome.”

Back in May, Moneyhorse Games told the Daily Dot that the game was not a marketing stunt and that they “did not choose to make a project about North Korea,” they “were chosen.” It was also the “chance of a lifetime to bring light to the West from his Holiness’ eternal flame.”

Naturally, the game lets you play basketball alongside Dennis Rodman.

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