‘Doctor Who’ just released new trailers for a Christmas special and ‘Class’

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Doctor Who

Screengrab via DoctorWho/YouTube

Doctor Who premiered two new teasers at New York Comic Con today, one for the always-popular Christmas special and a second for Doctor Who spinoff Class

Class is a young-adult miniseries following four students at Coal Hill School, which Doctor Who fans will remember as companion Clara’s place of employment and a longtime staple of the series. The school has been involved in so many time-travel events that it’s attracted a malevolent entity that’s trying to break in though the walls of time and space. 

The teaser for the Doctor Who Christmas special, meanwhile, gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the episode. Titled “Return of Doctor Mysterio,” the Doctor joins forces with a superhero. 

BBC releases 2 new featurettes for ‘Doctor Who’ spinoff ‘Class’
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