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A famous Maltese landmark seen in ‘Game of Thrones’ has collapsed

The natural arch stood for thousands of years.


Michelle Jaworski


The Azure Window, a natural arch attached to Malta’s Gozo Island that’s been around for thousands of years, has collapsed into the Mediterranean Sea on Wednesday after a storm came through the region.

The Azure Window has long attracted tourists from around the world, and it’s been used in many films and TV shows. Game of Thrones fans might recognize the Azure Window from the series premiere, “Winter is Coming,” where the arch appears in the background of Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo’s wedding.

azure window game of thrones
Game of Thrones/HBO
azure window game of thrones dany
Game of Thrones/HBO

Although a 2013 study on the Azure Window revealed that the natural rock formation would “inevitably collapse,” the study concluded that the arch would be “relatively stable in the short term.” In later years, tourists damaged the arch and were forbidden from walking over it.

Joseph Muscat, Malta’s Prime Minister, visited what remained of landmark, calling its collapse “heartbreaking.”


According to the Gozo Tourism Association, the Azure Window was visited by 80 percent of the 1 million tourists who came to the island. As it mourned the loss of its premiere attraction, the association said tourism would continue as visitors discovered the other sights Gozo Island had to offer.


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