This 3D chalk version of Snake is a lot easier on the thumbs

3d chalk version of snake

Watch that tail.

Everyone has wasted at least some of their life on Snake, a deceptively simple video game in which the player tries to continually add pixels to a crawling, bending line without crashing it into itself. But whatever your high score, artist Chris Carlson has got you beat.

With just a bit of chalk and a curved black background, Carlson brings Snake to life in 3D. His time-lapse video, naturally, is far more satisfying than what your graphing calculator can offer.

If you’re keen for more, don’t worry—this dude is well on his way to giving every classic game the 3D chalk treatment. Below, check out his take on the old Nintendo standby, Duck Hunt.

H/T Laughing Squid | Photo via AWE me/YouTube

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