New hire takes a shower during Zoom meeting. His camera was on

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‘He has to resign, right?!’: New hire takes a shower during Zoom meeting. His camera was on

‘Power move.’


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A sales consultant recently went viral for sharing a story about a new hire taking a shower during a Zoom meeting while his camera was on.

TikTok user The Tech Sales Girl (@techsalesgal) shared the story in a video with over 531,000 views.

“I have been laughing for three consecutive days nearly nonstop at this story, and I have to share it,” she says to start.

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The TikToker explains that the incident happened at a friend’s workplace, not her own, during the company’s “all-sales team meeting.”

“This company is a hybrid work environment, so some people were taking the call entirely remotely, but there was also a group in the office that was going to join the Zoom around a TV. The in-office group was a couple minutes late.”

She adds that all of the team leaders were part of the in-office group that was running behind. Hence, none of the remote workers who were already in the meeting had “hosting privileges,” which would have allowed them to turn off a participant’s camera or microphone.

“And lo and behold … a very, very brand new employee was unaware, blissfully unaware, that his camera was on and he was not muted,” the TikToker continues. “And he proceeded to take a shower in front of his entire sales organization. If you’re wondering if they all saw his wiener, they did.”

The TikToker then encourages viewers to look on the bright side.

“At least that wasn’t your day. Whatever bullsh*t f*cking happened today, at least you didn’t shower in front of your entire sales team,” she says.

Finally, she asks: “Bu,t like, he has to resign,n right? Like he has to resign, right?”

Many commenters wondered how mistakes like this continue to happen after several years of wide-scale Zoom usage.

“HOW in the year of our Lord 2023 does this keep happening? Im so paranoid I triple check my camera is off and even cover it with a sticker,” one viewer wrote.

“How do people not quadruple check their cameras before doing something like this?!” a second agreed.

Other viewers shared their own stories of video conference mishaps.

“I have a coworker who pooped during a Skype call. The camera and mic were both hot,” one commenter said.

“At my old job someone decided to ummm……look at adult content and enjoy themselves while on camera. they were a new hire….were. lol,” a second shared.

“Govt employee here. Contractor on 2nd day unknowingly had camera on, repositioned laptop on his bed, then showed himself taking a nap,” another responded.

Most commenters addressed the TikTokers’s question of whether or not the employee should resign.

“I would melt into a puddle Alex Mack style and you would never hear from me again,” one viewer stated.

“Witness protection immediately,” a second agreed.

“Power move: refuse to resign. Tell them you can never leave because you are such a legend,” a user countered.

Zoom meetings have become commonplace since the pandemic. The communications company is used by 70% of the Fortune 100, more than half of the Fortune 500, and 85% of the world’s top private cloud companies. Roughly half a million businesses use Zoom around the world.

Though working remotely offers a lot of perks, like not having to adhere to a dress code, it’s always important to remember you’re in a live meeting when you enter a Zoom conference. It’s best to remain fully clothed until the Zoom has officially ended. And always remember to wear pants when on camera.

The Daily Dot contacted The Tech Sales Girl via email contact form for further information.

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