Customer buys Apple Airpods from Wish

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‘Wait. They actually work?’: Customer buys Apple AirPods from It doesn’t go well

'Nah I kinda want these now.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Jul 16, 2023

Calling someone or something a “Wish” version of an original product is an insult. The online retailer, which predominantly sources the majority of its products from Chinese manufacturers, is known to pack several “knock-off” variants of popular products.

In some cases, these imitations are praised for being comparably good as their original counterparts. However, as is often the reality when it comes to lower-cost goods, Wish sports a variety of items that look similar to the original brand names, but are just not as good.

Although Wish is known for selling “knock-offs,” the company actually has a policy that prohibits sellers from putting up products that violate intellectual property laws.

While that may be the case, it’s hard to argue that the “fake” AirPods pair this one TikToker found on the brand isn’t a dead ringer for Apple’s popular true wireless earbuds. There’s just one key difference—the size.

A TikToker named Tuck (@tuckot) posted a viral clip that’s accrued over 14 million views as of Sunday and left thousands of commenters in stitches.



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Tuck says in the video, “Do not buy AirPods from and to the goofy motherf*cker from that sold me these AirPods, you better count your days, b*tch!”

He then cuts his video to show the AirPods on a table—they appear nearly identical to the ones that the Cupertino tech giant sells. That is until Tuck picks them up and holds them beside his head.

“These motherf*ckers done sold me AirPods meant for Scully from Monsters Inc., the f*ck I’mma do with these big ass motherf*ckers man?” he says.

The end of the clip shows him holding the huge AirPods beside his ears as Katy Perry’s “Firework” blares through the item.

It appears that the item Tuck is referring to is this one, which clearly states that the product is a portable Bluetooth Speaker fashioned in the same style as an AirPod. It includes images of someone holding the device, showing buyers its size. The above-linked offering indicates that the product is currently sold out on the website, and a number of users have given the speaker a 1-star rating.

Even though it seems like Tuck’s outrage could’ve been performed for comedic effect, and his purchase of the AirPod speakers was a joke, a number of TikTok users seemed tickled pink by the mix-up.

One person wrote, “It’s two right ones too,” while someone else simply said, “BRO,” followed by a skull emoji, indicating they died laughing while watching it.

If Tuck was attempting some type of reverse psychology marketing ploy, it seems like it worked on this user, who wrote, “Wait so they’re like surround sound speaker size? That’s actually kind of sick?!!” Someone else shared, “Nah I kinda want these now.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to and Tuck via email for further comment.

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*First Published: Jul 16, 2023, 7:56 am CDT