Car salesperson shares what most customers leave behind in their trade-ins

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‘I expected it to be sunglasses’: Car salesperson shares what most customers leave behind in their trade-ins

'I was thinking car charger.'


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Posted on Jan 17, 2024   Updated on Jan 17, 2024, 1:19 pm CST

An auto sales worker shared what the no. 1 item folks tend to leave behind in their cars is, and it makes total sense.

The TikTok account for Puyallup Nissan (@puyallupnissan) posted a viral TikTok asking his followers what they thought the items people were most prone to forgetting in their whips. He added that a few years ago, music CDs used to hold this distinction. However, even though there are those who claim that the entertainment medium is making a comeback, the TikToker claimed another item—which has been around much longer than compact discs—now takes the cake.

“You know what the number one thing left behind in a trade-in is? I’m gonna show it to you it was left behind in this 2018 Maxima, and, of course, we call them to make sure it’s returned,” the TikToker started.

He then walked to a car in the detail department and showed viewers how the previous owner left behind their garage door opener. “I’m gonna place it in my pocket to go call them to tell them where it’s at so they can get it returned,” he added.

The TikToker then checked the disc compartment. “The no. 1 thing that used to be left in trade-ins was CDs. Let’s see if there’s one in here,” the TikToker said while pressing the disc eject button on the Nissan’s infotainment system.

“Doesn’t look like there’s one left in here,” he said after trying to eject a disc for the second time.

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Viewers shared their guesses of what they thought the item was going to be before @puyallupnissan’s reveal. “I expected it to be sunglasses. Everytime I trade in my car I nearly forget to clear out my sunglasses holder,” one said.

“I was thinking car charger,” another claimed.

In addition, other dealership workers shared some of the most commonly forgotten items they come across.

“Sunglasses, sun passes, and garage door openers!” a viewer, who appeared to work for a Toyota dealership, exclaimed.

“The dealership I worked at, we had 2 boxes, 1 for garage openers and the other for toll passes. Almost every trade in would have either!” another said.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @puyallupnissan via email for further comment.

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*First Published: Jan 17, 2024, 10:00 pm CST