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‘Where is all my life’s savings?’: Woman says her savings account at Wells Fargo just disappeared

'With all that has been going on with Wells Fargo, I don’t get how people still bank with them or how they're even still in business.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Oct 10, 2023

In a startling revelation, a woman on TikTok claims that her savings account with Wells Fargo has disappeared without a trace.

The video, which comes from TikToker Denisse Devine (@denissedevine), has reached 1.5 million views as of publication.

In the 33-second clip, she details the mysterious disappearance of a decade-old savings account, raising eyebrows but also sounding alarm bells among Wells Fargo customers, as well as those who use online banking services with other banks.

@denissedevine Hey Wells Fargo where is all my lifes savings? How did my account of over a decade vanish without a trace? Where is my money? You need repercussions. I need answers. @NBC @ABC7LA @ABC News @NBC News #abc7eyewitness #abc7la #nbcla @NBCLA #theft #corruption #wellsfargobank #wellsfargofraud #wellsfargosucks #wellsfargo #wellsfargo ♬ original sound – DenisseDevine

The text overlay on the video reads, “Wells Fargo VANISHED my savings account,” as Denisse, visibly upset, shares her story.

“According to Wells Fargo, there is no history, no record, no indication that I ever even had a savings account with them,” she says. “So then they asked for a statement and the only statements I get are online. The only way I can access them is by going into the account, that is vanished. So i don’t have access to any statement.”

“Let this be your reminder to monitor your bank account,” she warns as the video ends.

Her ordeal, encapsulated in a such a brief yet impactful message, resonated with many who left helpful advice in the comment section.

One user recalled hearing of a similar situation and offered the Wells Fargo customer a possible solution. “Just heard about a customer losing 33,000…customer took his story to the news and then bank gave customer his money back.”

“Download and archive your statements every month. Not just for banks but every account you have. Don’t trust corporations with your records,” wrote another.

A third went even further, stating, “I still get paper statements of all my bills and bank accounts and I don’t do nothing on auto pay.”

There was criticism towards the bank as well. One user wondered, “With all that has been going on with Wells Fargo, I don’t get how people still bank with them or how they’re even still in business.”

“I had left [Wells Fargo] long ago for the same [reason] about 8 years ago to be exact never went back never will,” stated someone else.

In the comments, Denisse stressed the importance of checking transactions and monitoring your account frequently, adding, “And preferably bank with a credit union vs a big bank. And consider changing any paperless accounts back to paper.”

The Daily Dot has reached out Denisse via TikTok comment, and to Wells Fargo via email for further information.

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*First Published: Oct 10, 2023, 5:54 pm CDT