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‘So today I’mma just go to work’: Walmart worker quits her job. She’s still on the schedule

'Maybe he thought i was playing when i said i quit?????'


Jack Alban


Posted on Jun 14, 2023

A Walmart employee on TikTok claims she quit her job—only to discover that she’s still on the work schedule.

“Maybe he thought i was playing when i said i quit?????” TikToker Mashara Jones (@thiccalicious41) wrote in the caption.

Jones recently went viral documenting her first day on the job at the massive supermarket chain. In the clip, she claimed she wasn’t properly trained on how to do her job, and neither was the individual who showed her the ropes.

In another video, she shares that she quit her job, delineating the red flags that caused her to turn in her walking papers.

Jones says she was required to break down and shelve six pallets worth of products during one shift. While unloading the third pallet, which was full of boxes of pancake mix, the powdery mix inevitably spilled from some of the packages. She says it stuck to her sweaty face which made for an uncomfortable working experience.

So, Jones decided to walk to the bathroom and wash her face. Upon returning to her aisle, she saw her team lead waiting there for her who she says abruptly asked where she had been.

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Jones didn’t appear to appreciate the tone of her manager, which she says was another “red flag.”

After completing five of the pallets along with a “zoning” check to ensure merchandise was properly placed, her team lead approached her to tell her to unload three more pallets.

The TikToker told them that she was unaware of the extra pallets on top of the sixth one she was getting ready to put away. The manager then responded and said if she was unable to unpack at least six pallets in a shift, she would be terminated.

At this point, Jones says she decided to quit, immediately walking to the back room to retrieve her belongings and exiting the store.

While she thought that was the end of her time at Walmart, in another video, she posted a screenshot of the store’s schedule, which still has her listed as an employee with several scheduled shifts.

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Although she was perplexed to see her name still on the schedule, Jones ultimately decided to attend her shift as usual, as if she didn’t previously quit.

“So i’m a bit confused, if I’mma be honest,” she laughs in the clip. “So today I’mma just go to work.”

In the comments section, viewers speculated as to why she was still showing up on the schedule as they experienced something similar.

“Yeaa mines showed me on the schedule for like a week and a half after i stopped showing up,” one user claimed.

Another wrote, “Yeah mines showed the same thing when I quit it took them a minute lmao.”

Someone else said that they also felt like immediately quitting their Walmart stocking job after they started, but that they eventually got the hang of it. “I almost quit my first week working overnight. Now I’m a year in. It gets easier lol,” they wrote.

Others said the manager probably just placed a negative mark on her employee record for leaving early.

“You prolly jus got a half a point for leaving you should’ve jus left and not quit,” one said.

“you probably got pointed for leaving early do 3 NCNS [No call, no shows] to speed the process up,” another joked.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Walmart and Jones via email for further comment.

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*First Published: Jun 14, 2023, 12:41 pm CDT