Waffle house employee with the name tag 'Goodgrip J'

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‘Just asking where this is located’: Waffle House worker’s NSFW name tag has customers screaming

'I know that food good af though'


Jack Alban


Posted on Jul 31, 2023

Have you ever been at your workplace and wanted to express the sexual prowess of a particular anatomical feature you possess with a euphemism proudly emblazoned on your name tag?

Probably not, but that didn’t stop a Waffle House worker from doing just that, according to TikTok user 1onlyb13.

While visiting appears to be a Georgia Waffle House, a TikTok user recorded a video of an employee who is rocking a name tag which reads: “GOODGRIP J.”

@1onlyb13 #atl #Wafflehouse ♬ original sound – B13

The term “Good Grip” according to Urban Dictionary is slang for “tight p*ssy” and the online bestiary of colloquialisms even provided an example: “I had sex with Tiffany last night, Dan she had that good grip!”

There are several memes posted to social media that also reference the term, like this King of the Hill TikTok that shows Bobby Hill asking his neighbor on an etch-a-sketch: “Is it grippy?” To which she replies, “Come over and find out.”

@k.othe1nonly Extra grippy go crazy😭😭#funny #kingofthehill #bobby#ufo#trump#soundoffreedom#comedy#puppy#animalstok #memes ♬ original sound – K.O

The post has received more than 181,000 views since it was posted on July 10. Throngs of commenters who saw B13’s post joked that they wanted to know the exact location of this particular Waffle House. Like one user who penned: “So which Waffle House is this?”

And another who said: “Just asking where is this located.”

Someone else remarked that they bear a striking resemblance to this particular Waffle House worker: “we got the same name.”

However, there were other individuals who remarked that this kind of attitude to the workplace more than likely indicates that the quality and flavor of the food is probably out of this world: “You know that food good,” one predicted. Another commenter agreed, “I know that food good af though.”

Of course, the term “grip” isn’t just used for bedroom references, either. The word can also represent a large quantity of something, like saying that you got a “grip” of money for providing an excellent good or service. Maybe the Waffle House employee’s name tag is actually just a reference for making sure guests enjoy their stay at the restaurant they work at, and they ultimately end up raking in sizable gratuities as a result?

This isn’t the first time someone’s name tag ended up getting put on blast on social media. This piece highlights some rather unfortunate ones, like a food service employee whose job description is listed as an “Ass. manager.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Waffle House via email and 1onlyb13 via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jul 31, 2023, 8:23 am CDT