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‘Those I got better health insurance moves are good’: UPS driver responds to Amazon delivery driver who challenged him to break-dancing battle

'I'm going to tell my kids this was Magic Mike.'


Charlotte Colombo


Posted on Feb 14, 2024   Updated on Feb 14, 2024, 12:35 pm CST

A UPS driver responded to Amazon’s call-to-action most funnily, as the dance battle between the delivery drivers rages on. It all started on Feb. 7, when Amazon driver Terry Turner (@tiktokterry23) recorded himself boogieing away to Chris Brown’s “Wall to Wall.”

He then wagered a challenge to his fellow delivery drivers, writing, “UPS and Fed Ex could never,” in the on-screen caption.

Of course, the video went massively viral, amassing 18.8 million views, as commenters couldn’t get enough of the dance-inspired drama. “I order Amazon 4 times a week and I have NEVER seen the option to have my delivery driver dance,” one commenter joked. “As a delivery driver I NEED to stay on this side of TikTok,” another added, while a third joked how the driver was “busting those Prime moves.”

But that’s not all. Terry also issued a challenge to fellow delivery drivers, writing in the video’s description, “You’ve got 24 hours to respond.”

@keeeooo Hoping the Algorithm works. 🕺🏻 #ups #fyp #dancebattle #deliverydrivers ♬ som original – Jean Mendes

And that’s exactly what UPS driver Keo (@keeooo) did, as he added his own moves to the song. “Fed Ex and Amazon ain’t got nothing on UPS,” the on-screen caption read, as Keo busted his best moves.

As the TikTok went viral, amassing nearly a million views, commenters expressed their delight at the dance trend.

“I’m going to tell my kids this was Magic Mike,” one quipped, referring to the Channing Tatum movie about a male exotic dancer. “Those ‘I got better health insurance’ moves are good,” another added, referencing Amazon’s much-debated working conditions.

“This is why my packages always late,” a third lamented.

While FedEx and Amazon haven’t responded to this latest sick burn, it’s worth noting that the trend has blown up beyond the delivery driving industry. Everyone from car salesmen (a Honda salesman challenging Toyota) and various sectors of the U.S. military are getting involved, with the military dubbing their version of the trend “Battle of the Branches.” Either way, it’s clear that this dance battle won’t be over anytime soon.

Amazon and UPS didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via press email.

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*First Published: Feb 14, 2024, 12:00 am CST