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‘I’ve told you no 5 times’: Female passenger says Uber driver locked the doors on her. He then repeatedly asked to touch her

'You were friendly to protect your life.'


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on Jun 23, 2023

Over the years, many passengers have claimed that their Uber drivers sexually harassed or assaulted them, leading the rideshare to face multiple lawsuits.

In July 2022, one lawsuit was filed with 550 passengers claiming that drivers had harassed them, among other actions. Similarly, some riders have shared such experiences via TikTok, where drivers have allegedly broken into the homes of passengers, filmed or groping them.

One recent Uber passenger, fitness content creator Avery Johnston (@averyjohnnstonn), shared a recording of a driver who she says locked the door before repeatedly asking if he can touch her. In the video, someone off-camera asks for her contact information as she is exiting the vehicle.

“No,” the poster responds. “Absolutely not.”

In her caption, she says the moral of the story is to avoid using the rideshare alone, and that she was scared to be rude to the driver.

“Moral of the story is dont uber alone i guess,” she wrote. “I hate how friendly I sound in this video but in the moment I was scared to be rude.”


Moral of the story is dont uber alone i guess 🙃 i hate how friendly i sound in this video but in the moment i was scared to be rude

♬ original sound – Avery Johnston

The Daily Dot has reached out to Johnston via Instagram direct message, as well as to Uber directly via email regarding the video.

Several viewers urged the poster to report the incident to the police, not just the rideshare.

“People saying call Uber… girl call the police this is so scary!!” one commenter wrote.

“Report this to police too please,” another user said. “Not just Uber. I’m so sorry this happened to you.”

“Report to police. If he locked doors & basically held against will maybe he could get kidnapping charges or something,” one user commented.

Others praised the poster for how she handled the situation, noting that while some might criticize her politeness in the moment, it may have saved her life.

“It’s how nice women have to act in these situations because we don’t know if it’ll get violent for me,” one commenter wrote.

“You were friendly to protect your life,” another user said. “We all do it, I’m so sorry this happened to you.”

“In this type of situation you want to remain calm like she is,” another commenter shared. “If you panic they become agressive and can end badly.”

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*First Published: Jun 23, 2023, 12:13 pm CDT