Car dealership workers reveal the best cars that no one ever buys

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‘I am convinced to buy a Supra’: Toyota dealership workers reveal the best cars that no one ever buys

'Our local dealership can’t keep RAV4 primes on the shelves.'


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Posted on Mar 30, 2024   Updated on Mar 30, 2024, 10:45 pm CDT

In a realm where automotive enthusiasts and everyday drivers converge in search of reliability, performance, and panache, Toyota emerges as a beacon. Yet some gems remain curiously obscured from the spotlight. A TikTok narrative by @autofairtoyota, emanating from Autofair Toyota in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, unveils this intriguing paradox, spotlighting the Toyota Supra, among others, as a stellar yet oft-overlooked model.

Intriguingly, the video invokes responses from diverse voices among dealership personnel, probing about commendable vehicles not getting widespread acclaim. Among the varied mentions—the Rav4 Prime and Toyota Crown—a singular mention captivates the hearts of car enthusiasts: the Supra. Despite its storied legacy and formidable performance metrics, this automotive enigma surprisingly skirts the limelight.

In the comments, the Supra largely gets a bump because of the woman who mentions the car. Of course, there were many inappropriate comments targeted at her. “I am convinced to buy a Supra,” said one person. 

However, others had a different angle—ask the mechanics. “You’re supposed to ask the Mechanics salespeople don’t know,” joked one commenter. “Now ask the Toyota mechanics the same question,” concurred another person.

Car & Driver extols the 2024 Toyota GR Supra for its refined interiors, the exhilarating joy of drive it offers, and the enchanting synergy of its turbocharged six-cylinder engine mated with a manual transmission. Nonetheless, it candidly addresses the vehicle’s drawbacks, such as challenging ingress and egress and a palpable presence of BMW components. This duality encapsulates the contemporary Supra’s narrative: A performance car seamlessly blending daily usability with thrilling escapades, yet it remains on the fringes of widespread adoration.

The 2024 model heralds the advent of a 45th Anniversary Edition, underscoring its rarity and allure for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Priced competitively, starting at $47,535, the GR Supra jostles with titans like the Chevy Camaro SS and Porsche Cayman GTS yet carves a distinctive niche for itself, amalgamating Toyota’s hallmark reliability with BMW’s engineering finesse.

The Supra’s storied past, from the robustly tunable 2JZ engine of the Mk4 to the defining A70 Mk3 iteration that heralded Toyota’s foray into standalone sports car territory, cements its legendary status among enthusiasts. Each generation has etched an indelible mark on Toyota’s sports car legacy, resonating through the annals of automotive history.

Yet, with its rich lineage and exhilarating performance, the GR Supra seems to hover just beyond the grasp of mainstream adulation. This puzzle may stem from a mismatch between its global appeal and niche market presence or the shifting preferences of contemporary car buyers.

@autofairtoyota We asked our salespeople… "What's a good car no one ever buys?" published an article last year (2023) with 14 great cars that no one bought. One Toyota and three Lexus vehicles made the list. Take a look: Ford GT – Units Sold = 31 Nissan GT-R – Units Sold = 390 Audi R8 – Units Sold = 631 Audi TT – Units Sold = 725 Lexus RC – Units Sold = 1,752 Lexus LC – Units Sold = 1,761 Nissan Z – Units Sold = 1,771 Audi A7 – Units Sold = 1,810 BMW Z4 – Units Sold = 1,883 Lexus LS – Units Sold = 2,234 Audi A8 – Units Sold = 2,259 BMW XM – Units Sold = 2,315 Volkswagon – Units Sold = 2,347 Toyota GR Supra – Units Sold = 2,652 #toyota #lexus #carsales #saleslife #cardealership #cars #dealershiptiktok ♬ original sound – autofairtoyota

Among the Supra’s many accolades, its cinematic stardom in The Fast and Furious saga notably catapulted it into the cultural zeitgeist. The Mk4 Supra, in particular, captured imaginations worldwide, embodying the essence of street racing culture and tuner potential. This further immortalized the Supra as a car and an automotive and pop culture icon.

Despite these undercurrents of underappreciation, the Toyota Supra, especially the GR variant, epitomizes the pinnacle of sports car engineering. With a legacy rich in performance and a current guise that thrills with every turn of the wheel, the GR Supra stands as a paragon of automotive excellence, a beacon for driving purists, and a testament to Toyota’s enduring legacy in creating vehicles that transcend mere transportation, imbuing every journey with a sense of adventure and exhilaration.

The Daily Dot reached out to @autofairtoyota for comment.

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*First Published: Mar 30, 2024, 11:00 pm CDT