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‘Now I know why they put the net‘: Customers say they were banned from Top Golf after accidentally falling into net

‘The scream took me out.’


Marlin Ramos


A pair of customers say they were booted from Top Golf after one of them tripped and fell into the safety net while striking the golf ball.

In the video, Chana Vargas (@chanavargas) records a video of someone they went to Top Golf with, perhaps a partner.

This person carefully practices their swing, aligning their golf club with the ball and charting a projected path. Finally, they hit the ball. The ball goes flying off into the field. Next thing you know, they stumble right after hitting the ball and topple over the edge of the hitting area, and over the net that borders the ledge.

Vargas’ loud scream witnessing it all is the last thing heard in this scene.

The video has over 4.2 million views and 1,108 comments.

@chanavargas First and last time at top golf 🥲#fypシ゚viral #topgolffail ♬ som original – Nostalgic Gaming Music

Viewers in the comments section are cracking up with laughter.

“Lmaoo the scream took me out,” one commenter said.

“I was expecting the club to go flying but when he went flying, I SCREAMED HAHAHAHAA,” another wrote.

“That was a good hit tho,” a third praised.

The duo say they got banned

Vargas goes on to explain that the person who fell was just fine, although they are pretty sure they will be kicked out of the Top Golf.

However, according to Vargas, not only did they get kicked out, they also got banned from Top Golf, as the text overlay on the video states.

What is Top Golf’s policy regarding falling into the safety nets?

Ironically enough, the very first rule on Top Golf site’s page, “Safety Rules,” states: “NEVER JUMP OR PUSH OTHERS INTO THE SAFETY NETS It is extremely dangerous to jump, or push others into the safety nets.”

Additionally, fine print on the bottom of the website mentioned that there is a zero tolerance rule for violation of these rules and that failing to adhere to them can lead to termination of your ability to play at Top Gulf in the future.

While it’s unfortunate that Vargas and their golfing partner will no longer be able to go to Top Gulf, according to Vargas, at least their partner was safe.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Vargas via Instagram and Top Golf via email for comment.

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