Taylor Swift blamed for Travis Kelce loss after Chiefs go down

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‘Scripting of the NFL is an open secret’: Taylor Swift blamed for Travis Kelce loss after Kansas City Chiefs shockingly go down. Conspiracy theorists think it was part of the plan

‘She is blamed if she goes to the game and blamed if she doesn’t.’


Grace Fowler


Kansas City Chiefs fans are blaming Taylor Swift for their team’s surprise loss to the Denver Broncos on Sunday. Now NFL conspiracy theorists think this loss was planned.  

@HoodiBrzy on Twitter posted a viral meme that has reached over 428,000 views as of Monday afternoon. 

The caption to @HoodiBrzy’s post says, “Mahomes, Kelce and the Chiefs without Taylor Swift in attendance.” 

The 6-second video shows a young boy accidentally throwing a football against a trash can instead of to the other players in the video. 

It’s unclear why Swift did not attend Kelce’s game, but her tour resumes Nov. 9 in Argentina so many fans think it was to prepare.

Another Twitter user, @FrostedBlakes34, posted a similar meme

@FrostedBlakes34’s video has reached over 170,000 views. His video is captioned, “Me realizing that Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are playing bad because Taylor Swift isn’t at the game.” 

One viewer disagrees saying, “She wasn’t there at the Vikings game a few weeks ago and they won. Let’s not.”

Another chimed in saying, “I think @PatrickMahomes being sick and the post snow 20 degree weather was the biggest factor.”

However, the user Pete (@pickempeteyy) on TikTok, posted a viral video giving his take on the Chiefs loss. Pete’s video has reached over 13,000 views by Monday afternoon.

Pete’s video is captioned, “Taylor Swift exposes NFL.” His theory is that the NFL is scripted, but that “no one has been able to prove it for the last 60 years of its existence.”

He says the NFL slipped up massively with the Chiefs vs Broncos game. “Scripting of the NFL is an open secret that everyone is aware of, but the only people that really have access to the script are the elite,” billionaires and above, like Taylor Swift, he says. 

Pete says that by Swift not showing up to this game, everyone became suspicious that this is the game the Chiefs were “scheduled to lose.” 

“In the past the NFL has been better about these obvious things,” Pete says, “but when she chose not to attend and then we started hearing narratives of Mahomes having the flu, it became really obvious what the NFL was doing,” he says. 

Then he says that the NFL is trying to create competitive balance and “make the playoff race more exciting.” 

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“At this point, I don’t know how much longer the NFL can last because the public is on to the secret,” he says, ending his baseless video.

Viewers are divided in the comment section whether or not they agree with Pete’s theory, however. 

“Great analysis,” one says, “100% true actually,” another responds.

Another comment says, “NO ONE BEATS THE DENVER BRONCOS 17 TIMES IN A ROW, THAT WIN WAS ALL SKILL.” (The Chiefs had previously defeated the Broncos 16 times in a row.)

Referring to Swift, one comment says, “Wait till she goes to the next game and they lose.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Pete via TikTok direct message and the NFL via email. 

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