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‘I don’t wanna seem like an a**hole’: Starbucks worker conflicted after fellow barista messes up her drink every single time

‘Girl at this point make that yelp review.’


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A Starbucks barista confessed that even though she feels for the local barista who keeps messing up her order, she’s also fed up with the mistakes. 

The TikTok video comes from user bhadbharista (@jorlala), a prolific Bay Area creator who specializes in Starbucks content and has previously been featured on the Daily Dot.

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“OK, I’m probably gonna sound like an a**hole. That’s totally fine,” she starts her video by saying. 

She asks her viewers what they’d do if a Starbucks barista messed up their drink, revealing that she frequently goes to her neighborhood Starbucks and finds that the barista gets her order wrong.

“I understand,” she states. “Everybody makes mistakes. I have made thousands of mistakes, I’ve forgotten a million people’s pastries, but this is like a habit … Every single time, I—honest to God, in the last, like, eight times I’ve been there—have not received my complete order correct[ly] once.” 

For example, when the Starbucks customer ordered a “large iced tea lemonade, extra lemonade, extra sweetener,” she received “a medium tea.” “I really didn’t taste extra lemonade,” she adds. She said she had to send it back because of the size error. 

Then, her friend, who decided not to send her order back, ordered “a triple iced espresso with three pumps of caramel.” “This is like my go-to drink,” she continues. “I very rarely get it right; I also ordered extra ice. They give me, like, a latte or something. Because it’s filled all the way to the top with milk. And my friend was like, ‘It’s fine,’ but I’m like, ‘It’s not fine.’” 

In her rant, she observes, “You have f*cked up my drink. Every f*cking time.” She expresses her dilemma about sending her Starbucks beverage back: “Do I send it back or not?”

“It’s just, it’s frustrating, it really is frustrating,” she continues. “I don’t want to seem like an a**hole.” 

She goes on to ask her viewers, “Would you send your drink back?”

The video resonated with other Starbucks customers who shared their opinions in the comments. 

“You’re already so respectful due to working in the same industry,” another observed. “At some point, it’s not self-care to sacrifice [your] customer experience.”

“Girl, at this point, make that Yelp review,” one advised. But the Starbucks worker responded with compassion for her fellow barista, saying, “Thought about it but that’s hella Karen of me.” 

“I would just go to a different store [because eight] times?” marveled someone else.

“Get behind the counter and do it yourself,” another person quipped. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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