Ex-restaurant server calls out customers who forget what they ordered when he brings out their dinner

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‘Don’t be these people’: Ex-restaurant server calls out customers who forget what they ordered when he brings out their dinner



Alexandra Samuels


Posted on Jan 17, 2024   Updated on Jan 16, 2024, 12:26 pm CST

A former server went viral on TikTok after calling out certain customers’ poor restaurant etiquette.

In his latest video, @rawcritix, who posts “raw takes” to his TikTok account, ripped into customers who suddenly forget their order right as their server arrives with food. As of Tuesday morning, the video had amassed over 954,600 views. 

“Here’s some more things you’re doing at a restaurant that make the servers want to … punch you in the throat,” he said. “Working at a restaurant has taught me that a lot of you don’t have fully functioning brains.”

He added: “It’s so stupid. How do you forget what you ordered?”

@rawcritix said that the onus isn’t entirely on servers to remember customers’ orders. That’s because other workers are often charged with bringing out food. Those other people, he said, “are not psychics” and “need to know where sh*t goes.”

But that wasn’t the only behavior @rawcritix called out. He also said that some customers are too demanding when it comes to asking for free bread.

“You damn seagulls are already done with one basket of bread, and before I can even pick it up, you’re already asking me for two or three more baskets,” he said. 

Lastly, @rawcritix criticized customers who drink their sodas too fast. 

“People see the words ‘free refills,’ … and they go batsh*t feral over it,” he said. “How many Diet Cokes are you possibly going to drink?”

In the end, he said, servers are meant to provide customers with excellent service. But, he added, it’s also up to customers to not make workers’ lives harder. 

“If you’re sitting there chugging down sodas before I can even turn my back to hit up another table, [you’ve] got a problem,” he said. 

He doubled down on his takes in the accompanying video caption. “Don’t be these people at a restaurant,” he wrote.

@rawcritix Don’t be these people at a restaurant. #restaurant #serverlife #servers #servertiktok #fyp #viral #trending #foryou #rawcritix ♬ original sound – Raw Critix

Most viewers didn’t seem to agree with @rawcritix’s stances, though. In the comments section, a number of users attempted to use tipping culture to insinuate that these demands are normal and necessary. Indeed, tipping invokes strong reactions and a lot of content creators have complained that tipping expectations have gotten out of control.

“Server that doesn’t want to serve and still have the audacity to expect 25% tip,” one user said.

“BUT YOU EXPECT A 22% TIP!?” another added.

“You want a 25% tip? Guess what bro…you’re refilling my drinks and giving me as much free bread as I want,” a third person wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @rawcritix via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jan 17, 2024, 2:00 am CST