SeaWorld customers checking out with worker with caption 'on family vacation and this happens... 'hurry up'' (l) SeaWorld sign outside with blue sky (c) SeaWorld employee smiling with caption 'the smile gets me every time smh' (r)

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‘She done lost her mind’: SeaWorld employee tells customer to ‘hurry up’ while checking out (updated)

‘Def would’ve reacted the same cause don’t play with my mama.’


Phil West


A TikToker documented a less-than-friendly interaction she and her family had at SeaWorld in Orlando, which involved a cashier snapping at them to “hurry up.”

The video comes from TikTok user @thebenjaminfam and boasts an impressive 1.6 million views in just one day on the platform. In it, the creator and her mother appear to be in line to pay for refreshments at a kiosk in the theme park when the employee tells them to “hurry up.”

The on-screen caption reads, “On family vacation and this happens …”

@thebenjaminfam we spend way too much money at these parks for stuff like this to happen, @seaworld Orlando smh #disney #fyp #travel ♬ original sound – BRAN

The incident leads the creator to ask, “Did you say ‘hurry up?’” The cashier confirms that she asked the mother to hurry up because the creator was waiting in line after her.

The creator then informs the worker, “I’m her daughter. We’re together, and don’t tell her to hurry up. You can wait.”

The creator and her mother then use a phone to pay. Toward the end of the video, the worker smiles at the creator while she’s recording, then offers up a receipt. The creator snatches the receipt out of her hand.

The video finishes with a still photo of the worker’s smile and an on-screen caption that reads, “The smile gets me every time smh.”

As if to anticipate the question as to why she was filming this seemingly random moment, the creator noted in the comments, “For the ‘wHy wERe yOu RecOrDiNg’ bunch, if you look at my other content, I gather random clips from throughout the day and create ‘vlogs.’”

Several viewers agreed entirely with the creator’s reaction in the comments section.

“Def would’ve reacted the same cause don’t play with my mama,” one commenter said.

“Once I saw SeaWorld, I already knew,” a second wrote.

Another accused the worker of having a “plantation glitch,” an observation that the creator particularly relished.

However, not everyone was on board with the creator, with one person arguing, “You’re the Karen in this situation. Even your voice is annoying.”

Other viewers wondered why the creator and her family selected SeaWorld in the first place, with one theorizing, “She there cause she can’t afford Disney.” The creator corrected that commenter, saying they visited Disney World two days after the SeaWorld trip.

A few others offered that maybe the “hurry up” was directed toward the inanimate card reader and not the Black family at the kiosk.

“I’m not gonna lie to you,” one person admitted. “As someone who works as a cashier, sometimes I’ll tell the machine to hurry up, not the person.”

The creator had perhaps the definitive word on the discourse, though, remarking, “The ones with negative comments clearly don’t love their momma and it SHOWS.”

The Daily Dot contacted @thebenjaminfam and SeaWorld via email for more information.

Update 7:07pm CT April 12: The creator, Brandy Bowden, responded to the Daily Dot’s email and said she reached out to Sea World about the incident. According to her, a Sea World representative said “that they would like for my family to return for their VIP experience (on them), and that they apologize for the incident. It’s isolated and not what they condone.” The Georgia-based creator also said, “Nothing about the reactions on TikTok surprised me; I knew it would be 50/50 in terms of how people would side.”

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