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‘Major violation here’: Worker clocks out. Manager changes their time card

‘Didn’t Starbucks get in trouble for wage theft’


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Whether you’re going out on a date with someone who exhibits what you perceive to be miserly behavior—or who is even stingy when it comes to their own emotions/responses—there are many who would say that cheapness is one of the more annoying personality traits that an individual can possess.

While coming face to face with a cheap individual while navigating romantic relationships can be an immediate turn-off, experiencing the same type of phenomena while engaging in your work relationship with the company you’re employed with can be equally disheartening.

This cheapness became the subject of a Reddit post by user diettwizzlers, who uploaded a screenshot of their adjusted clock-out time at their job from their manager. The image sparked a conversation in the comments section of the r/antiwork post, where folks shared their disbelief in the pedantry of diettwizzlers’s manager, with others sharing anecdotes of the stinginess they experienced in their own lines of work.

my manager changed my clock out times
by u/diettwizzlers in antiwork

The image shows the clock-in and clock-out times of when they logged into their work terminal: 5:56am until 12:01pm. However, their manager decided to edit their clock-out time to 12:00pm, presumably in order to save the company an extra minute of pay-time, even though diettwizzlers worked for those 60 seconds.

In a caption for the post, the original poster explained the situation further: “some days i clock out 1-5 mins after my shift technically ends, just to finish up what i was doing/put stuff away/etc. so i don’t leave a mess for anyone. my manager has been changing all of my clock out times that weren’t exactly 12:00. guess it’s too expensive to pay me the extra minute.”

A number of folks expressed that adjusting time clocks in such a manner could potentially land the business in trouble: “Major violation here. I was a director and didn’t have the ability to adjust punches for my staff because it is a huge risk,” one wrote.

According to Patriot Software, the aforementioned Reddit users bring up a valid point. The site notes that time card manipulation and falsifying of employee time cards are illegal. Employers cannot modify an employee’s time card to punish an employee or avoid paying an employee overtime.

But there are several other outlets/companies/legal firms that say punch-out manipulations and adjustments aren’t exactly against the law. It all boils down to whether or not “falsification” has occurred, and if that falsification results in a misrepresentation of the hours the employee in question actually worked, BuddyPunch states.

There have been some major companies embroiled in legal battles over purportedly “altering” worker’s time cards in order to give them less pay or keep them from accruing overtime hours. In 2004, the New York Times reported that Family Dollar and Pep Boys were sued by employees who accused the respective chains of “deleting hours.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to diettwizzlers via Reddit DM for further comment.

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