young woman receives 32 oz of mustard from Raising Cane's

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‘But then I go to put my straw into my drink…’: Grubhub customer receives 32-ounce cup of mustard with Raising Cane’s order

'Someone went above and beyond for absolutely no reason.'


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Posted on Jul 17, 2023   Updated on Jul 17, 2023, 8:44 am CDT

When placing a delivery order, some folks may appreciate the additional condiments thrown in by employees or a courteous delivery driver. However, most do not not expect a quart of mustard to come with their order.

One Grubhub customer says she received a 32 oz Raising Cane’s cup—the chicken restaurant’s large beverage size—full of mustard with her order.

In a video that has drawn over 150,000 views on TikTok, user Abby (@abbymonea) says she received the quart of mustard without actually ordering it.

@abbymonea i appreciate innovation & team work it look to get my 32 oz of mustard🫡😘 i wanna give u both a kiss @@Raising canes@@Grubhub##storytime##dayinmylife##foodorder##vlog##funny##canes##fooddelivery ♬ original sound – abby monea

“So I just ordered Canes on Grubhub and I get a message from my driver saying, ‘sorry, they don’t carry 32 oz of mustard, call Grubhub for a refund,’ and I didn’t see it,” she says in the video. “Then I get a text right after saying, ‘never mind, they got it.'”

Abby says she hadn’t ordered any mustard, especially not such a large amount. However, upon attempting to put the straw in her beverage, she realized the cup was full of mustard.

“I was confused because I don’t think I ordered 32 oz of mustard, I’m not really a mustard girl,” she explains. “But then I go to put my straw into my drink, and I realize, that’s—this is mustard. I’m going to eat it because I don’t like wasting food, but what the f*ck?”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Abby via email regarding the video.

Several viewers requested that the TikToker show her order receipt from Grubhub to help discern where a delivery driver might get the idea that she wanted a large cup full of mustard with her order.

“Not that I don’t believe you cuz I obvi do, but can you show a copy of your order?” one commenter wrote. “I need to see how we got here.”

“I need to see the grubhub order,” another requested.

“… let’s see your order u want to see what they interpreted as 32oz of mustard,” a third commented. “Did they give you a drink ?”

Several viewers suggested there might have been a mistake made by the driver reading the order, as three 2 oz containers of mustard could potentially look like 32.

“Did you mean 3-2oz cups??” one wrote. “That’s my only thinking here.”

“I’m guessing they misread 3 2oz mustard as in 3 of the little 2 oz cups,” another commented.

“Did you order 3 sides of mustard?” a further user suggested. “Most side cups are 2oz, so it might have said 3 2oz mustard and the driver misread it.”

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*First Published: Jul 17, 2023, 8:43 am CDT