Passengers give up seats for $1,200 each. They only had to wait 4 extra hours


‘That’s $300 an hour’: Passengers give up seats for $1,200 each. They only had to wait 4 extra hours

'Yesss. I’m a professional seat giver upper.'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Jul 1, 2023

In a viral video, two airline passengers shared that they each earned $1,200 for four hours of their time by giving up their seats.

In the video, Jaz (@jazmonaeee) is seen calmly sitting at the airport with her friend, waiting to board their new flight. According to Jaz, she and her “bestie” gave up their seats on their last flight in exchange for $1,200. They do not state if that money will be issued as a travel credit or refunded to their cards.

@jazmonaeee A win is a win #fypシ゚viral #girlstrip ♬ A WIN IS A WIN – Clifford Taylor IV

The women seem unbothered by the situation as they sip on their Starbucks beverages. One appears to be drinking the chain’s viral pink drink, while the other appears to sip a more traditional coffee drink, possibly an iced latte.

“POV: when you and your bestie give up y’all seats on the plane for $1200 each and all y’all had to do is stay at the airport for an extra 4 hours,” Jaz wrote.

To break it down, $1,200 for four hours amounts to a smooth $300 an hour for each passenger. It is unclear what airline the women flew with.

Time reported that, by law, airlines are required to compensate passengers who voluntarily give up their seats between $775 and $1,550 based on the original ticket and delay length. This situation typically occurs when airlines overbook flights, a common practice to ensure an aircraft is as full as possible if some passengers cancel their ticket.

Some people who’ve given up their spot on a plane have earned exorbitant amounts. Last year, eight Delta fliers going to Minnesota were awarded $10,000 each for their seats.

The video has more than a million views and over 430 comments. The video is one of only 10 TikToks uploaded by Jaz and by far the most popular.

“A win is a win,” the caption reads.

Several commenters agreed that the compensation was worth the few extra hours of wait time.

One observed, “Probably got to destination just in time for check in anyway. Smart ladies.”

“The way I would be snacking and reading a book for those 4 hrs, they ain’t say nothing but a word,” another shared.

Others recalled their own experiences of giving up a seat.

“I had that in PR it went up to $2400 plus hotel overnight,” a commenter wrote.

“This is why I take early flights. $1200 to switch from 6am to 11am. You betcha,” another added.

“I got off the plane for $700 and when I got to the attendant it was changed to $1000,” a viewer said.

“Yesss,” rooted on one commenter. “I’m a professional seat giver upper.’

The Daily Dot reached out to Jaz for comment via Instagram comment.

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*First Published: Jul 1, 2023, 9:29 am CDT