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‘$7 full course meal hack’: Olive Garden customer says curbside is the new drive-thru

‘I was today years old when I learned this is a thingggg.’


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In a viral video, a mother of two shared her hack for getting a filling meal for just $7 from Olive Garden’s curbside pickup.

In the video, Somer Agnor (@studiosomer) explained that her baby fell asleep in the car while she was driving. She got hungry and didn’t want to wake the baby by lifting them up and out to get food indoors, so her options were limited to drive-thrus.

Instead of going through an actual fast food drive-thru like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, or Taco Bell, Agnor found another workaround—curbside pickup at a restaurant.

She ended up going to Olive Garden for a curbside order and shared her “$7 full-course lunch hack.”


Olive garden kids meal curbside lunch hack! 🍝

♬ original sound – Somer Agnor

She explains that she ordered a kid’s meal on the Olive Garden app, and it came with a drink, two breadsticks, an entree and a side (she got spaghetti with alfredo sauce and broccoli), and a salad. She added that the salad doesn’t usually come with the kid’s meal, but they usually give her one anyway.

“I love doing this because sometimes I’m just sick of drive-thru food, and it’s still curbside so I don’t have to get out of my car,” Agnor says.

The video has more than 170,000 views and nearly 100 comments as of Thursday morning.

For those wanting to recreate the hack, Olive Garden’s kid’s menu also offers chicken tenders, mac and cheese, pizza, ravioli, and pasta with grilled chicken.

Several people in the comments added their own hacks and lunch spots.

“Red lobster, Texas Roadhouse and longhorn too,” a top comment read.

“I do this with chilis alll the time. For $7 I can get a kids meal plus a small salad and chips/salsa. It’s the best!” a person said.

“I would curbside the outback baked potato soup and eat it in the car while my kids napped. So good,” another commented.

Others added that Agnor’s video was a revelation.

“I always say I wish restaurants were drive thru!! Why did I never think of curbside?!” a commenter wrote.

“I was today years old when I learned this is a thingggg,” another said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Agnor for comment via email.

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