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A rundown of some of the best ‘Oh No’ memes

'Oh No' memes have carved out a unique niche.


Kahron Spearman


Posted on Nov 29, 2023

The “Oh No” meme has carved out a unique niche for itself, capturing moments of ironic despair, humor, and sometimes, just pure silliness. Let’s dive into the world of “Oh No” memes and explore its many varied and hilarious forms.

Oh No, Cringe meme

The “Oh No, Cringe” meme first emerged on iFunny in August 2021. It featured a sad orange cat with the words “oh no” and “cringe,” and originated from a YouTube video uploaded by Slayer MDZR in October 2020.

The meme gained traction with its high-pitched voice overlay that said, “Oh no, cringe,” set to TheFatRat’s Xenogenesis, and it eventually evolved to include different variations where the cat wore different cultural garments, like a sombrero or a turban, accompanied by culturally relevant music.

@isotokyo oh no cringe #cat #memes #funny #fyp #foryou #sped #unshadowbanme ♬ original sound – FrxxTøkyo


darker, more bizarre twist of the meme appeared with the “WHIIIIIIIRRRRRRRR” or “Oh No… Not again!” meme. Stemming from a 4chan video game forum called /v/, this copypasta grew from a comic that depicted a Nintendo Wojak in a rather unsettling scenario with a Sony fan. This meme, often considered controversial, pushed the boundaries of dark humor in the gaming community.

Oh No! Our Table! It’s Broken!

The “Oh No! Our Table! It’s Broken!” meme started with a clip from an episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos that aired in February 2016. In the video, a boy accidentally breaks a glass table, leading to him saying the memorable line. This innocent and straightforward clip gained immense popularity, especially on TikTok, where users creatively re-enacted or referenced the moment, often using the soundbite for comedic effect.

Oh No Baby! What Is You Doin’???

catchphrase that became a meme, “Oh No Baby! What Is You Doin’???” comes from Instagram and Twitter user Nick Joseph (@nicknpattiwhack_). The expression originated from a video in which Joseph was commenting on the antics of a friend. By March 2017, the phrase, along with a screenshot from the video, became a popular reaction image on Black Twitter.

Michael Does Life’s ‘Oh No!’

In May 2023, YouTuber Michael Does Life uploaded a video in which he reacted to a video game stream. His guttural scream and the words “Oh no,” in response to a surprising moment in the game “Redfall” caught viewers’ attention. The clip soon began to appear in various humorous contexts on social media, particularly TikTok.

Capone’s ‘Oh No’ TikTok trend

This meme refers to a TikTok trend, set to the song “Oh No” by Capone. This trend became a hit on TikTok, with users freezing frames at the climax of a potentially catastrophic or embarrassing moment, in order to capture the moment right before disaster strikes.

@nickregallis Love getting kicked off my own WiFi @ryan.stroud.21 #rocketleague #gaming #gamer #gtr #rickandmorty #goodtimes ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Each of these “Oh No” memes brings a unique flavor to the internet, ranging from cute and silly to dark and satirical. They demonstrate the diverse ways a simple phrase can be transformed into a tool of humor, satire, and sometimes, as a means to comment on the absurdities of life. Whether it’s a cat expressing dismay, a table breaking, or a freeze-frame of an impending mishap, these memes continue to entertain and amuse in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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*First Published: Nov 29, 2023, 12:38 pm CST