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‘Welcome to Mobil where we ain’t got 2 f*cking things that match’: Mobil employees call out everything that’s out of stock

'And the customers stay crying about every little thing as if we could really do anything about it.'


Jack Alban


Posted on May 5, 2023

A huge reason why workers ultimately decide to leave their jobs is because they’re either fed up or cannot understand the decisions of management. In fact, LinkedIn claims “Employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers,” citing findings from a Gallup poll conducted on worker turnover.

There’s no shortage of online literature that speaks to the frustration some workers feel their bosses/managers continually make.

Two Mobil gas station employees tapped into this collective dissatisfaction with a video where they slam the location for not having a supply of goods they find irrational. For instance, having either an overabundance of lids or cups for various beverages, and a complete lack of forks, but an abundance of spoons and knives, in their utensils supply.

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They uploaded the video to the TikTok account @10f1.dee. “Welcome to Mobil where we ain’t got 2 fucking things that match!” the women working at the gas station say in unison. The clip then transitions to them holding a large-capacity plastic cup holder before they say, “We got cups, but no fucking lids!”

The video then cuts to them showing off cups of pre-wrapped utensils, “We got spoons and knives…but no fucking forks!”

They then stand before a concession shelf filled with snack cakes. “We got Hostess,” the TikTokers say. “But it’s half the rack!”

The final frame of the video shows them standing in front of a fountain soda machine as they show off fully stacked compartments of drink lids…but very few cups to pour the soda in. “We got lids but no fucking cups!” the workers conclude.

After seeing the video, one commenter quipped, “They better send you a bunch of stock after this.”

Others joked that this seems like it’s an issue for other shift workers to deal with. “Morning teams problem now,” a user wrote, which appeared to be a struggle another employee sympathized with, “Me when I come in for Night Shift and nothing is stocked.”

Another person said they, too, have been to gas station convenience stores only to find some of the most random products they’ve ever encountered.

“I went to one the other day and asked if they have any chargers and she said yeah for like a phone no one has…. Okay then,” they wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Mobil via email and the @10f1.dee TikTok account.

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*First Published: May 5, 2023, 6:50 am CDT