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‘At LEAST half of those will be cold, soggy, and DISGUSTING’: McDonald’s worker has to fulfill order for 70 medium fries

'And they’ll still complain about the wait.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Aug 2, 2023

A McDonald’s employee chronicled their fulfillment of a customer’s enormous 74 item order on Reddit’s r/McDonaldsEmployees.

Redditor u/Looted873 uploaded an image of the large order that had a lot of users on the platform shaking their heads.

The image shows a McDonald’s order screen with a request for 74 individual orders of French fries—70 medium sized, 3 larges, and 1 small.

The McDonald’s worker sarcastically titled the post, “I love my job,” and also noted that the customers “ordered it in lobby with no call in ahead.”

Redditors couldn’t wrap their heads around how the customer thought ordering so many fries at once was a good idea.

“At LEAST half of those will be cold, soggy, and DISGUSTING by the time you brought up the last fry basket. What on earth were they thinking!?” one user pointed out.

u/Looted873 also added the time that it took to make the 74 orders, all while trying to process other customer’s orders as well.

“My store has 3 fry vats, but it took about 40 minutes to finally finish the order, considering I have to keep up with the other orders,” they said.

One user who also claimed to work at McDonald’s said, “And they’ll still complain about the wait,” before sharing a similar anecdote of their own.

“Had a dude come in during a rush and order 60 nuggets, two crispys cook to order, two large Fries cook to order, with a full drive through and 6 other people in the lobby. Then he complained about how he’d been there 20 minutes,” they wrote.

One person said that they wouldn’t have started on the order until it was paid for, to which u/Looted873 responded that was exactly what they did, while holding out hope that somehow the order had been placed incorrectly.

They explained, “That’s what I did, I was hoping that they ring it up wrong but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.”

The McDonald’s app allows customers to order ahead, which provides estimated wait times for when they can expect their food to be ready. Some locations even offer catering services for large requests. But this hasn’t stopped folks from strolling into their local Mickey D’s and placing a massive order without any pre-warning for the crew.

The Daily Dot has reached out to McDonald’s via email and to u/Looted873 via a comment on his post.

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*First Published: Aug 2, 2023, 2:23 am CDT