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‘Is anything sacred?’: Shopper warns against Kroger tampons after lead is found in Tampax, Playtex, other major brands

‘Imma just wear pampers.’


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A woman went viral for issuing a very serious PSA about tampons: Some may be poisoning you.

In a TikTok that has amassed 2.7 million views and over 10,000 comments, creator Melissa Simonson (@therealmelissasimo) educated viewers on a new study that called out some of America’s most popular tampon brands for having harmful toxins in their products.

“Is anything sacred?” the TikToker began in the clip. “Is anything safe?”

She then pointed out the popular tampon brands on the shelves of a Kroger store.

“No, no,” she said while pointing to Tampax’s Pearl and Radiant brands.

She also gave the Kroger store brand version of the product a “hard pass.”

“This is compared to ‘L’ which has a current lawsuit,” she said.

According to popular attorney Ben Crump’s website, those who have recently been diagnosed with cancer after using L. Organic products may have gotten the disease because of exposure to titanium dioxide. The lawyer is offering free case evaluations and consultations to those possibly affected.

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What about the study?

The recent University of California, Berkeley study Simonson references found that tampons may contain high levels of metals like arsenic and lead. It was the first study to measure the levels of toxic metals in tampons.

“The Berkeley study showed heavy metals in Playtex, and Tampax, and store brand,” Simonson continued in the clip.

The TikToker noted that the study did not name every brand that was used in the study.

However, she recommended “safer” brands, including Cora, Lola, August, and others.

“If you want to switch from tampons because of the uncertainty, you could always go with a cup,” she said.

Nonetheless, it remains unclear whether the metals detected in the menstrual products result in negative health consequences for those who use them. Future research will test how much of the chemicals are absorbed by the body and also look into the presence of other toxins.

In the comments section, many were shocked to learn about the study and discussed alternative options.

“Imma just wear pampers,” user Ashley wrote.

Others noted the “safer” brands Simonson recommends tend to be more expensive.

“So the most expensive ones,” user Sammy.akmn said.

“So all the affordable ones are unsafe……” another viewer commented.

The Daily Dot emailed Kroger, UC Berkeley, Proctor & Gamble (parent company of Tampax and L.), and Edgewell Personal Care (Playtex’s parent company) for more information. It also reached out to Melissa Simonson by TikTok comment and direct message.

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