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‘The hardest worker I’ve ever met’: Job candidate lists stranger as a reference. She takes the call anyway

'Caitlin, I just need you to know that I have vouched for you.'


Beau Paul


Posted on Aug 11, 2023

One TikToker has just set a new bar for the Golden Rule. While many of us try to be nice (or at least civil) to people we haven’t met, most of us wouldn’t go so far as to give a stranger a glowing reference to a potential employer. But if karma exists, then TikTok user Emily, who goes by emilys secret account (@spamhahee), may just be due for a raise.

Emily’s video describing her good deed was posted one day ago and has already picked up over 10 million views on the site. In it, she explains that her phone number was mistakenly put in as the reference for a job application of someone named “Caitlin.”

“I’ve been getting phone calls this morning from people asking for references,” she tells her viewers. “And Caitlin, I just need you to know that I have vouched for you.”

“Caitlin,” according to Emily (who has never met her), “shows up to work on time” and is “the hardest worker I’ve ever met.” She even “saved my son when he almost drowned.”

“If you don’t get any of the jobs that I have been receiving calls about this morning, then I will eat my shorts,” she tells the camera.

“You are a ride or die,” one user wrote in the comments.

“This is what we need in the world!!!” another commenter added. 

“You’re a real one sis! I’d be a reference for you any day,” another user responded.

A few people in the comments provided their own “references” for Catlin. “Caitlin delivered our puppies when the vet wouldn’t answer our calls,” added one commenter.

“When the local orphanage got attacked by giant termites, I saw Caitlin personally carry all 37 children to safety [and] then [rebuild] the orphanage by hand,” someone else wrote.

According to a follow-up video posted to her account, Emily believes that Caitlin has been located and has even responded to her—but she still hasn’t revealed whether the reference got Caitlin the job or not. “I’m so happy! We made it! Yay!” she states in the video. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Emily for more details via TikTok. And we’re crossing our fingers for Caitlin.

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*First Published: Aug 11, 2023, 1:48 pm CDT