Woman confronts Walmart receipt-checker for having to do their job at self-checkout

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‘No, I’m doing your job’: Woman confronts Walmart receipt-checker for having to do their job at self-checkout

'You can't check my receipt.'


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Posted on Feb 8, 2024   Updated on Feb 14, 2024, 12:42 pm CST

A woman clapped back at a Walmart worker who asked for her receipt at the exit in a viral TikTok video. Viewers said her reaction was warranted.

At more and more retailers across the country, you’re more likely to end up in a self-checkout line than have an employee handle the transaction. While some people prefer it this way (hello to all the introverts and socially anxious peeps), others are getting fed up with having to do the work of a cashier any time they want to pick up a few items at Target or Walmart.

Several customers have called out companies for this practice, including fashion brands like Zara and Bershka for making them remove clothing tags at self-checkout. Others have noted the discomfort of having an employee hovering over them in the self-checkout aisle. And one guy was bold enough to admit that he steals from Walmart self-checkout every time because they’re putting him to work.

Well, one Texas woman wasn’t having it.

As Dionne (@dionnelaw) made her way out of Walmart after going through self-checkout an employee asked to see her receipt. Some stores do this to verify that customers don’t have any stolen items in their cart.

“No, you can’t. You not gone harass me about no $3 thing of water. I got all these groceries in a sec. You think I’m stealing some $3 water?” Dionne says to the Walmart employee. “You can’t check my receipt.”

When the employee responds saying she’s just doing her job, Dionne one-ups her.

“No, I’m doing your job. See, they need to have you on the register. Y’all got Grandmama sitting on that register with 15 people behind it and nobody is checking. Don’t bother me today,” Dionne tells the employee as she walks out.

The TikTok has garnered a whopping 4.6 million views and over 10,000 comments as of Thursday morning.

“I literally work for walmart and in our TRAINING, it states if the customer says ‘no’ to us seeing the receipt. We just smile and say have a nice day,” a person explained.

Others said that they have the option to not get a receipt at all, so there wouldn’t be anything to check anyway.

“My self checkout gives the option to have a receipt not print… so nope, you can’t see it cause I don’t have it!” a commenter said.

@dionnelaw Walmart Imma need yall to come up with some bags for this water y’all keep harassing us about !😂 #walmart #dramatic #notoday #walmartselfcheckoutbelike ♬ original sound – Jesus Freak

While there were a few people who thought Dionne went too far, many had her back.

“Not only do I agree with her but she should get an employee’s discount for having to go through self checkout when it’s that busy,” a viewer wrote.

“Exactly! I just say ‘no thank you!’ And keep walking. I’m not about to bag my own stuff and then stand in line waiting to check receipts,” another chimed in.

The Daily Dot reached out to Dionne for comment via Instagram direct message and to Walmart via email.

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*First Published: Feb 8, 2024, 8:00 am CST