Man gets sick of waiting for AAA to unlock car door, does something shocking instead

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‘The things you have to do’: Man gets sick of waiting for AAA to unlock car door, does something shocking instead

‘He didn’t want to wait the hour +.’


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A man got so sick of waiting for the American Automobile Association (AAA) to arrive that he took matters into his own hands.

Vanessa Williams (@bonessamarie90) posted a TikTok featuring what went down. Williams explained via a caption that her partner locked his keys in his truck. AAA informed the man the wait time would be over an hour, Williams said. “He had more money [than] time this day,” the caption of the video reads.

In the video, the man approaches the truck with a rock in his hand. He then smashes it through the rear driver’s side window. The man carefully puts his arm through the newly created hole and pops the lock before opening the door.

“Sorry, honey,” Williams tells him.

@bonessamarie90 When he locks his keys in the truck while its on! And AAA wait time is over an hour! He had more money then time this day #fyp #AAA #bluecollarboys #moneymaker #badassmoments ♬ original sound – Vanessa Williams

In the comments section of the video, Williams provided even further context into the situation. One person asked: “There’s no one in town who opens doors ?” Williams replied, “Yes but he didn’t want to wait the hour + it’s already fixed with tint.”

“Time is money,” another said. And Williams concurred, stating, “His point exactly! Electricians have no patience! But they do got $$.”

And, as it turns out, the electrician isn’t the first person to do this. “My husband did this once because he locked his fishing license in his car and his charter fishing boat was taking off,” a viewer revealed.

What to do if you are locked out of your car?

Some viewers also claimed that AAA overestimates the time of their arrival. “AAA always says an hour and it’s a lot less,” he said. “Patience is key.”

“Vehicle lockout service is included with your AAA Membership—just let us know where you are, and a service provider will come to you. If a locksmith is required, you can get some reimbursement through AAA (how much depends on your membership level),” AAA’s site reads.

The cost of an AAA membership starts at $64 but is dependent on location, according to MarketWatch. “AAA covers up to $50 (or $100 for Plus/Premier) for locksmith services to unlock your car and make it drivable,” MarketWatch reports.

AAA also offers some advice on what to do in the immediate aftermath of a lockout. It recommends against calling the police unless there is an emergency involved. It also recommends other methods to getting in your car, like double-checking “each door to make sure you are really locked out before you call for help” and calling “a friend to help you get your spare key.”

Complaints about AAA wait times

People online have also long-complained about AAA’s wait times. “I got a popped tire on the highway yesterday. The 2013 prius does not come with a spare, so I had to get it towed. I Called Triple A and was told they’d get me a truck within an hour. They did not arrive until 5 hours later, leaving me stranded on the highway,” a redditor complained in a post.

Many commenters responded, claiming that AAA will ask if you are in a safe or unsafe location. If you respond that you are in an unsafe location, they will usually get to you quicker.

“The one time they did come quickly it was because my car died blocking traffic,” one commenter shared.

“It’s important to know the company uses its own fleet of drivers along with independent contractors. Depending on who’s available in your area at the time of the call, wait times can vary drastically,” MarketWatch reports.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Williams via TikTok comment and to AAA via email.

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