honda hrv rear window shatters after driver uses defrost

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‘It looks like it’s happened to hundreds of ppl’: Honda HR-V rear window shatters after driver uses defrost

'This happened to me a month ago - Honda said you’re on your own good luck.'


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on Sep 23, 2023

Cars come with all kinds of features, intended or not. From Kias and Hondas being allegedly hackable and requiring a software update to prevent widespread car theft, to a Bluetooth system that broadcasts conversations, folks learn new things about their vehicles and quickly share them online.

One Honda HR-V driver says her rear window totally shattered after she used the rear defrost setting to clear it. Posted to TikTok by @lala.121109, the video showing the extent of the damage has drawn over 863,000 views as of Saturday.

“Hey, just a heads up, if you drive a 2023 Honda HR-V, do not use the rear defrost,” a voiceover on the video says. “Apparently, it clears your window by shattering it. Good luck.”

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In a follow-up video, @lala.121109 says the dealership from which she purchased the car was unable to help her, as was their corporate office. To repair the window, she says she had to go through her insurance provider and pay her deductible as well as rental car fees. She says she is also joining a class action suit against the car manufacturer, as she claims this is a known issue with the vehicle.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @lala.121109 via Instagram direct message regarding the video, as well as to Honda via email.

@lala.121109 UPDATE: Dealership: ❌ Corporate: ❌ Insurance: ✔️ ➡️The link I mentioned is too long, so IF THIS HAS HAPPENED TO YOU: 1. Google: Lemberg Law 2023 HONDA HR-V Back Window Shattering and fill the quick questionnaire on the page to see if you qualify to join. 2. Report it on #2023hondahrv #2023hondahrvsport #2023hondahrvbackwindowshattered #reardefrostfail #shouldhavebeenarecall #hondahrv #honda ♬ original sound – lala.1211

Several viewers who have the same model year HR-V shared their concern for the issue, or that it had already happened to their cars.

“This is so scary!” one commenter wrote. “I own this car and just researched online and it looks like it’s happened to hundreds of ppl..Honda need to recall and change glass.”

“That happened to me!” another user shared. “I went in my car and was like ‘oh it must’ve rained last night’ looked at my front window and was like ‘waiiit a minute…'”

“This happened to me a month ago – Honda said you’re on your own good luck lmfaoooo,” another viewer wrote.

Some shared that they had the same thing happen to their cars from Acura, a subsidiary of Honda.

“Hmmmmmmm the 2019-2023 Acura RDXs were doing the same thing,” one commenter wrote.

“Was happening to many Acura RDXs (including mine) Honda/Acura replaced mine under warranty,” another said.

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*First Published: Sep 23, 2023, 2:31 pm CDT