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‘I got lied to’: Honda buyer says she was ‘forced’ into window tinting. She didn’t realize it was a trick till she drove off

'They’re doing you dirty and it ain’t right.'


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Posted on Mar 6, 2024   Updated on Mar 6, 2024, 5:17 pm CST

A Honda buyer recently went viral when she posted a video claiming a dealership duped her into paying for a window tint they never installed.

In a heartfelt TikTok, Lynette (@lynettte27) vented about how a local Honda dealership allegedly gave her the runaround and refused to tint her windows even though she’d already paid for the service. The video has gained over 10,000 views as of the publication of this story.

“So I went to the dealership and they forced me to pay a ridiculous amount of money for a window tint because they can’t scrape the window tint off of my car,” Lynette began.

Believing the installation had already occurred, Lynette said she paid the dealership and signed a contract. Then, to her dismay, they reportedly informed her that she had to schedule the window tinting.

“In my head, I was like, ‘You forced me to pay for window tint when it wasn’t even on my car!'” Lynette said in the clip.

Lynette said that after two weeks without word from the Honda dealership, she discovered they wouldn’t tint her windows because of an error in the contract. She said she received a call to schedule the installation days later. In another twist, the dealership reportedly informed her that appointments are only available Monday through Friday. Since she works during that time, she said she requested a “loaner” vehicle. The dealership reportedly refused, explaining that they don’t give out loaner vehicles for window tint and to call them when she had a free weekday.

“I’ve already waited for two weeks,” Lynette continued. “I’ve gone for two weeks without window tint. There are plenty of window tinting places that are open on the weekend that I could go to.”

Lynette said that after asking to speak with a manager and getting the runaround, her father called the dealership on her behalf. According to Lynette, the dealership informed her father that they’d give her a loaner vehicle when she brought in her car. But, when she called, they reportedly continued to string her along. Finally, she said the dealership tried to sever ties with her, claiming that “there’s already window tint on your vehicle.”

“I just want my f*cking window tint or my money back,” Lynette concluded.

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Viewers were divided over the video, some siding with Lynette and others claiming that the mistake was entirely her own.

“I hate car dealerships they are the worst I got lied to too,” one shared.

“I’d call the bank and report the charge as services not rendered. Banks don’t play,” a second advised.

“Nobody force you to do anything you could take it anywhere you want,” another argued.

“Bring the car back tell him you don’t want the f*cking thing and you’re gonna go get the same car at a different dealership,” a further suggested.

According to NerdWallet, there are pros and cons to using a dealership versus a local auto shop. For example, dealership mechanics have specialized training, while local shops are more flexible and offer lower prices. With a large overhead and operating costs, dealerships are generally more expensive than independent repair shops. Major drawbacks to using a dealership include longer wait times and less flexibility with scheduling.

The Daily Dot reached out to Lynette via TikTok comments for further information.

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*First Published: Mar 6, 2024, 11:00 pm CST