Home Depot customer speaking next to Christmas animatronic decor (l) Home Depot building with sign (c) Home Depot Christmas animatronic decor (r)

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‘Nah I dig this. Christmas horror is great’: Viewers defend Home Depot talking decoration after shopper said it’s ‘ruining Christmas’

‘This is payback for putting out trees and ornaments in freakin August.’


Melody Heald


With Halloween over and Christmas on the horizon, that means presents, gingerbread houses, and, of course, decorations. However, a woman condemned Home Depot for incorporating both holidays by selling a “Christmas horror” talking decoration.

In a video posted Oct. 24, TikTok user Danielle Adams (@dani_adamss) showed off the decoration while recording in a Home Depot store.

“Home Depot is trying to ruin Christmas. Let me show you,” she told her 75,000 followers. Then, she unveiled the decoration in question: a spooky Jack Frost talking decoration with wrinkled blue skin, wide orange eyes, a hook nose, and wild white hair.

The decoration’s appearance alone was enough to unsettle Adams, but “it gets worse,” she said.

The figure then started moving and talking. “Kicked me out of his workshop? Guess he wasn’t down to chill,” it said, followed by maniacal cackling. “[It’s] a winter wonderland with extra frostbite,” it continued, laughing more.

Adams’s expression seemed a mix of horror, disgust, and confusion as the decoration spoke. “Why?” she questioned in conclusion.

The Daily Dot reached out to Home Depot via press email and Adams via TikTok comment and direct message.

@dani_adamss HOME DEPOT IS RUINING CHRISTMAS #christmas #homedepot #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – Danielle Adams

Move over, Christmas: It’s Halloween Part Two

The video amassed 2.2 million views as of publication. In the comments section, many disagreed with Adams and felt the decoration was perfect for the holiday.

“Ruin Christmas? That’s the best!!! I need one! I need Heat Miser too!” one viewer wrote.

“Nah I dig this. Christmas horror is great,” a second concurred.

“You clearly missed a portion of your childhood! This is brilliant!” a third commented.

Some felt the decoration was especially appropriate given that Christmas décor pops up on store shelves early, encroaching on other holidays.

“Christmas keeps butting into every other holiday… I’m all for others getting into Christmas lol,” one user remarked.

“Hey, Christmas keeps trespassing into Halloween’s time, so I’m all for a little bit of scary creeping into Christmas. Hoping for a [Krampus] next,” a second concurred.

A little spookiness seems to have been Home Depot’s precise goal with this decoration. On its website, the company writes, “Bring some chills and thrills to your winter wonderland with this 6-ft. animated LED Jack Frost. His ghoulish, steel blue LED light-up eyes, wild white hair and chilling gaze give an unexpectedly creepy look to your holiday display.”

The item retains for $199 with a purchase limit of one per order.

When did the idea of ho-ho-horror start?

While Adams seems to think bringing creepiness into Christmas is a new invention, Christmas horror has existed in the film industry since 1972. Before Hollywood, there was Christmas horror folklore, which dates back to 12th-century Germany and Austria with the notable Krampus. Krampus is Santa Claus’s counterpart who punishes children who have been naughty by beating them with sticks. Krampus was created to discipline children. Despite the misconception of Santa coming first, Krampus actually predates Saint Nicholas.

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