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‘I’m about to buy them all’: Man goes to Home Depot for $100 item that’s ringing up 1 cent

‘Looks like I’m going to wander my Home Depot.’


Grace Fowler


A Home Depot customer posted a viral video finding a $100 item ringing up at 1 cent. He says they’ve been priced this low for three months. 

The TikToker, @toolswithsoalz316, has reached over 789,000 views and 49,000 likes on his video by Tuesday afternoon. He frequently uses his TikTok account to post tool hacks

The TikToker starts his video by telling viewers, “If you’re looking for penny deals at Home Depot, well, I got one for you.” 

Next, he records the Cinch Smart Garden Raised Garden Bed, which was marked at $25.03, originally priced at $99.00. He says, “That three means three weeks after it goes down” to $25.03, “it gets pennied out.”

“When did it get put there? July the 6th,” he adds.

The TikToker records the shelf full of garden beds and says, “So these are a penny, and I’m about to buy them all.”

@toolswithsoalz316 It Was a Penny! #pennydeals #homedepot #gardening #tools #awesome #diy #amazing #loveit #doityourself #diyhacks #DIYEnthusiast #diyhack ♬ original sound – SoAlz316

“Why you gotta buy them all though? That’s why I can never find anything,” a viewer jokes in the comments section. 

Other viewers are suspicious of whether the TikToker is telling the truth. One viewer comments, “I wanna see the receipt.” 

“Exactly, you had plenty of time. Where are you at the cash register and where is the proof?” someone else responds. A former Home Depot worker says, “I worked at the depot, we throw penny items away, we can’t sell penny items.”

Another viewer who appears to work at Home Depot says, “i think it depends on your store if they will sell it or not. we are told to get rid of them but idk what happens if you find one.”

One viewer says they got lucky with the penny deals. “I got a bathroom cabinet/counter, thought it was going to be $133 and it was a penny,” they share.

“I found a rug for a penny and they refused to sell it to me for that,” another says. @toolswithsoalz316 responds, suggesting, “If it’s in your cart, take it to self checkout and go home.”

Despite the chance they won’t secure the deal, one viewer says, “Looks like I’m going to wander to my Home Depot.”

The Daily Dot reached out to @toolswithsoalz316 via TikTok direct message and Home Depot via email.

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