Random man at gas station claims he figured out the lottery system, shares how to figure out winning numbers


‘What if literally just gave us the secret to win?’: Random man at gas station claims he figured out the lottery system, shares how to figure out winning numbers

'I want to understand so bad.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Oct 12, 2023

A random man at a gas station claims to have cracked the code of how winning lottery numbers are calculated, and there are throngs of TikTokers desperately trying to understand his meandering logic.

In a post uploaded by TikTok user Taylor (@taylordsm), a man is seen standing beside gas station pumps, explaining his theory to another individual in a car.

The man says the system is a mathematical equation based on the lottery numbers that were drawn the night before. However, his calculations don’t exactly make sense, according to folks who viewed the video.

A text overlay on the clip reads, “Random gas station man exposing the lottery system.”

The voice of a man can be heard in the video as he narrates the “secret” to correctly guessing winning lottery numbers.

“All right brother, make sure you buy a lottery ticket … I wanna tell you a free secret.”

“What’s that,” the person in the car can be heard asking.

The man then launches into his explanation. “Each double digit number has four numbers. Here’s an example: 44. 44 is one number, four divided by four is one, that’s two numbers. Four plus four is eight, that’s three numbers. Four times four is 16. That’s four numbers.”

The person by the sports car asks the lottery savant, “So that’s how you choose your numbers?”

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The man responds in the affirmative and continues on with an additional explanation about how he calculates the winning lottery numbers. “Yeah … We add, multiply, subtract, and divide three, two, one from the last two sets of winning numbers. So the Mega Millions … Wednesday and Friday, today’s Saturday, you take them and you add them together.”

The man adds that the evidence is plain as day. “That’s how it works, just add the numbers. You look at last night’s game … and you can see the math, it’s right there.”

While the man’s system to game the lottery sounds dubious, there have been other, more successful attempts. Romanian-Australian economist Stefan Mandel, was able to win the lottery on 14 seperate occasions between 1980 and 1990, by using a tried-and-true mathematical calculation that was perfectly legal, according to My Modern Met.

Viewers of the post commented on to video to say they were lost with the man’s logic.

“I want to understand so bad,” one person wrote.

“Nah but what if literally just gave us the secret to win, but I’m not smart enough to understand?,” someone else said, expressing the fear that the secret to easy money was just outside of their mental reach.

But one astute viewer noted, “And yet, the man who knows how to win the lottery is working at the gas station…”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Taylor via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Oct 12, 2023, 2:55 pm CDT