Customer demands free appetizer after walking in with coupon. And nothing else

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‘I woulda billed that manager for my tip’: Customer demands free appetizer after walking in with coupon. And nothing else

‘The manager was totally in the wrong on this one’


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A server has gone viral on TikTok after posting a sketch in which she portrays a jaw-dropping encounter with a customer who demands a free appetizer without intending to purchase anything else.

The sketch features Sydney (@poorandhungry) playing three distinct characters: The rude customer, the server, and the manager. It was posted on Nov. 8 and has accumulated over 250,400 viewers.

The video opens with the server greeting the customer, who confidently declares, “Hi, I have this coupon for free appetizers. So I’ll do a free appetizer.” In response, the server politely explains, “That is a free appetizer with the purchase of a beverage or an entree. So what would you like to get with that?” However, the customer insists on getting the free appetizer without any additional purchase, threatening to involve the manager.

When the manager arrives, the customer asserts, “I have this coupon for a free appetizer, and she’s telling me that I have to buy something else in order for it to be free.” The sketch takes a turn when the manager concedes to the customer’s unreasonable demand, allowing them to have the free appetizer without buying anything else.

However, the absurdity continues as the customer, having secured their complimentary appetizer, complains about the lack of service to which the server responds: “Unfortunately, my job is to take care of patrons and paying customers. Since you’re not actually going to order anything today, I do have to prioritize the rest of the restaurant.”

Finally, the customer, seemingly oblivious to the irony, remarks, “Wow, this place gives horrible service. I’m so glad I didn’t actually pay a dime to be here.”

In the description of the video, Sydney wrote: “I literally had something similar happen to me today.”

Since going viral, the TikTok has sparked a flurry of comments expressing disbelief and amusement.

One commenter wrote, “My god, how do they not know how this works.” Another quipped, “I woulda billed that manager for my tip.”

“The manager was totally in the wrong on this one,” another commenter echoed.

“Such a generous coupon too, with drink OR entree? All they had to do was buy a drink? Like damn!” one more shared.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Sydney via TikTok direct messages for comment.

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