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‘I SOBBED in the car for 30 minutes’: Customer brings flowers for favorite baristas. They reject them

'I used to be so guarded working in food service.'


Phil West


Posted on Sep 15, 2023

A customer was trying to do something nice for her favorite baristas—namely, bringing them flowers—only to experience what she described as “rejection therapy at its finest.”

The video in question comes from creator Madelynn Bankard (@madelynn_bankard), who put the video up on TikTok on Saturday, and it has attracted more than 452,600 views since.

She uses a lengthy on-screen caption to share her experience. It begins, “Thinking about how I brought flowers to my favorite baristas at my favorite coffee shops and they DENIED them.”

@madelynn_bankard Rejection threapy at its finest #barista #flowers #oops ♬ Glue Song (Kids Choir Version) – Amazon Original – beabadoobee

It continues, “And I SOBBED in the car for 30 minutes and couldn’t make myself go back in for a week because I was so hurt and embarrassed they didn’t want them.”

That led to a number of comments, with some offering possible explanations.

“I understand that you probably meant it as a nice gesture but i used to be so guarded working in food service,” someone pointed out. “Like u never know what a stranger [can do].”

Someone else added, “Every retail workplace I’ve worked at, at least 3 people have had a stalking incident.”

“Also if you approach someone who’s on the clock,” another commenter added, “you’re putting them on the spot because they can’t leave if they’re uncomfortable or speak freely.”

One added, “My mom has been offered flowers at her job before but she turns them down because she says you never know who’ll take that as an invitation…”

And someone else contributed, “Did they have lilies in them? They might have said no because they’re not pet safe. A lot of people bring their pets in.”

“I work in customer service and my company doesn’t allow us to take any tips or gifts from customers,” another commenter shared. “It could’ve just been a situation like that.”

Still, a few people expressed sympathy for the friendly customer.

“You acted out of kindness and appreciation and there is nothing wrong with that,” one offered. “You have a good heart.”

“Sad that people just don’t accept gestures as kindness and just chill,” another offered.

“I am shocked!!!” someone else reacted. “I’ve worked in coffee for 14 years and I’ve never met a barista who would turn down flowers from a reg like this!”

A few people suggested the creator just tip the baristas, and she jumped into the comments section to reveal that she already does, telling why she offered flowers.

“I just wanted to show some kindness for people who I’ve gotten to interact with for two years,” she said, and added in response to another, “They are always really nice to me I wanted to show them my thanks so they could all enjoy (Free drinks, discounts, know my name and order etc.).”

Finally, one commenter had a novel suggestion.

“I was given four corn stalks once,” that person reflected. “I accepted those, maybe try corn?”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Sep 15, 2023, 8:52 am CDT